The Day Cliff and Trev, Met Bill and Bernie

My friend Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival and yours truly, Trevor Loudon went along to the Green Fest in the Washington DC Convention Center yesterday.

Cliff wanted to challenge two of the Fest’s Keynote speakers, former Weather Underground terrorists, turned Obama enablers, turned Green activists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.

Being the shy, introspective type, I went to help Cliff hand out leaflets exposing the dark deeds and statements of Bill and Bernie and to observe, close up two people of whom I’ve written many a word.

Video One:
Bernardine Dohrn, who praised the Manson Family mass murders, tells Cliff Kincaid to get away when he questions her about her involvement in the bombing murder of Police Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell. “Preposterous,” she says. Her husband Bill Ayers (with the ear ring) rescues her from Kincaid. Finally, a Dohrn groupie grabs Kincaid’s camera and it goes black. The beginning of the video shows Dohrn talking with “9/11 Truther” Medea Benjamin of Code Pink. She calls Kincaid the “pack of lies guy” because of his questions during the question-and-answer period following their remarks.

Video Two: Dohrn says she is not insane or a murderer. Ayers and Dohrn talk about revolutionary movements at Green Fest and denounce questions from Cliff Kincaid as a “pack of lies.” The questions were about Dohrn praising the Manson Family murders and the dedication of their Praire Fire Manifesto to Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy. Dohrn talks about “our past” and the “handouts” distributed by Cliff and myself about their involvement in terrorism. She says they are “pawns” to get at Obama.

Video Three: “Green Fest” conference organizer, Medea Benjamin’s husband and fellow “Truther” Kevin Danaher (of Global Exchange) tells Cliff Kincaid that he won’t talk on the record about why they invited unrepentant communist terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn to their event The silence is deafening. “Do you want to stay in the event?” Danaher asks, implying that Kincaid could be booted out. “Are you going to call the police on me?” Kincaid asks.

All through their talks Bill and Bernie barely mentioned the “Green” word.

It was all about “social change” and building the “movement”. Bernie used Hugo Chavez’s favorite phrase – “21st Century Socialism”.

On a personal note, I saw Bill’s genuine concern for his wife as he tried to shield a clearly upset Bernie. It was good to see them up close. They are not disembodied caricatures. They are people like you and me, but they are as much in the grip of their socialist delusions as they were back in the 1960s.

That’s what makes them dangerous. They genuinely believe in what they are doing. These are committed people, “true believers” in a cause they will serve to their graves.

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7 thoughts on “The Day Cliff and Trev, Met Bill and Bernie

  1. This just goes to prove that communists and socialist not to mention a couple of killers in there. only want to have a platform to shout out there sick rhetoric. but answer a simple question no they cant do that its to difficult.

  2. If I had the opportunity to question Bill Ayers about anything, it would be with regard to his philosophical views on Critical Pedagogy and America's children. This would be followed by asking him if our U.S. Department of Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, shares his views. Early this year, I stumbled across a blog post regarding Duncan's lecture as a guest speaker at the October 2009 3-day Arlington Conference of the Renaissance Group, a consortium of 30 teacher preparation universities. I was quite disturbed, and remain so, about the fact that there were only two other guest speakers sharing the stage with the Department Secretary at the conference –Dr. Nartha Kanter, the Dept. of Education's Under-Secretary, and . . . you guessed it, Bill Ayers. The post was accompanied by a photograph of Ayers taken during his lecture, and a copy of the conference agenda. People do not seem to understand the significance of this–very few are even aware of it. A visit to the Department's website further compounded my fears. One portion of the site contained nothing but a list of ALL of Duncan's scheduled appearances for 2009, along with a downloadable PDF file containing the speech that accompanied each one. His attendance as a guest lecturer at the Renaissance Convention was not listed–a glaring omission in my estimation. The blatant association with Ayers coupled with the intentional material omission of Duncan's appearance at the conference makes by blood boil–and my heart ache at the thought of America's children at the hands of such dangerous, cold-blooded, unrepentant narcissists. I also observed when on the Dept.'s site that, other than the page containing Duncan's schedule, a page detailing the "rules and regulations" of the Dept.'s "Race to the Top Competition" [aka the attempt to nationalize American education], and a brief bio on a handful of the Department heads of the home page [3 pages total], the rest of the website [and it is extremely comprehensive] has not been touched since the last administration–the information presented there goes as far back as 2004 in some instances. My God! Perhaps screwing with the minds of this country's children is time-consuming, but have the decency to at least get rid of all the programs, information, links, etc. that remain from the last Administration–talk about a shell used to cover a subversive agenda. At the time I visited the site, it was mid-April 2010. Thanks, as always, for your fastidious research and the motivation that fuels it.


  3. All the organizer had to say was that he invited people who were champions of the green movement and of "like mind", and he is not eliminating potential guests based on past activities but strictly on their dedication to the green movement. Maybe he needs a press agent.

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  5. Got it Bill, orthodoxy and dogma (i.e. truth) are out! To be free means to make reality up as you go. Except the orthodoxy that there is no absolute truth. Strange, I bet there was all sort of 'dogma' being declared at this green fest.



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