Clint Warns John Key

Clint Heine warns John Key of David Cameron’s well deserved failure.

Note to John Key…..

The David Cameron project has failed.

A You Gov poll of voters has shown that his campaign to make the Conservative Party more centrist has made no difference whatsoever. While his own personal level has moved to the left, his own party still remains on the centre right to right wing in the eyes of the voters.

Meanwhile Gordon Brown has had his personal image move to the left but his party is seen as more centre than the Tories.

A further poll comparing Cameron to Brown is even more revealing. Brown is seen as a heavyweight at 60% while Cameron is rated 15% as a heavyweight. This is a direct result of Camerons personal push to make the Conservatives more “Green” and “caring”… which doesn’t seem to fool the public whatsoever…. well apart from making the public thinking he is a soft touch!

John Key beware! Being everything to everybody while betraying your own partys core beliefs will eventually bite you in the ass.

Here bloody here!


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2 thoughts on “Clint Warns John Key

  1. No I think he’s done enough of that.

    More principled statements and actions-take the ground that National is abandoning-stuff like that.

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