Sorry, Proof Required

My work on Obama is obviously “pulling a few chains” in the US.

I got this email the other day.

Subject: Obama rogues gallery


Please add me to the list of long time Obama supporters who have assisted him in his career.


Edwin Eisendrath
former Chicago Alderman
former Clinton Administration official
onetime candidate for Governor of Illinois

My reply;

Dear Edwin

Happy to do so, but only if you have ever been in any way involved with Democratic Socialists of America, Communist Party USA, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Students for a Democratic Society, Weathermen, Palestinian terror groups or any other radical left organization.

Details and timelines, photos, membership cards, documents etc would help your case.

This is a rapidly growing list (close to an hundred)and to be fair to all we must ensure that only genuine radicals are admitted.

Thanks for your application

Kind Regards

Trevor Loudon

Edwin then replied;

Dear Trevor,

Thank you for your reply, and for describing the qualifications required for inclusion on the list. I appreciate how difficult it is to make the cut, and understand your need for proper documentation. Admittedly, I do not meet any of the published qualifications. I do, however, have other interesting connections.

I’ve been a Chicago Alderman and a candidate for Governor in Illinois. Surely, the reputation of these two entities for corruption is enough to tarnish even those who step into the fray as reformers. In addition, I once led a community meeting where the now-famous Mr. Ayers participated in a discussion of the small schools movement. During my time in the Clinton Administration I supervised Ms. Zenobia Johnson Black who appears on your list. And back in the mid 1980s I was a member and delegate of the Chicago Teachers Union. I sided with Walmart against those in who tried to ban the company from Chicago. I led the effort to tear down the worst high-rise public housing in America, and did so in in this city. And, while I am no supporter of any terrorist organizations, I have been to the West Bank and Gaza, as well as Saudi Arabia. Finally, I have several close friends who worked at Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers.

If all that is not enough, as a firm supporter of Sen. Obama’s presidential bid I am currently associated (though admittedly quite loosely) with everyone on your list.




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3 thoughts on “Sorry, Proof Required

  1. Interesting when someone is willing to take the time!

    I laugh, but with sorrow in my heart.

    The enormity of the struggle for individual liberty was articulated by Whittaker Chambers how many decades ago? And he was so right.

    How sad that there are still so many who do not comprehend the gravity of this moment in history.

    Thanks, Trevor, for your work.

  2. Trevor, where did you spend the last few months “off-air” so to speak ?

    It wasn’t by chance at some “Grandiosity Camp” deep in Chickenhawk white-trash USA was it ? With the flaking paintwork
    ’73 Caddie thrown in.

    Your unabashed pretensions to
    e-journalistic signifcance on a global scale are a bit fanciful aren’t they ? Man-up Trev !

    I mean, some short of copy right-wing hag from Guildford may well have picked up on your rave, and we know that Mah Mah gets off on you, but that hardly makes you a mover and shaker in the Beltway.

    I’d never feel bad about the ACT “sayonara” chap, if that’s what you’re compensating for. Bugger them, leave them to the madness evidenced by their parrot drag. And Heather’s so-drab-as-to-be-scottish-get-up.

    You’re an OK joker man ! Emphasis on the last…..joker that is.

    Stop stroking yourself Trev ! Last time I checked with Obama and Osama
    they’d not actually heard of you.

    Kia Ora. IDF: 10+ Palestinians: 1

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