Who is the Sao Paolo Forum?

This list of members will give some idea of the power, influence and guiding ideology of the Sao Paolo Foum.

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The FSP consists of the:

Communist Party of Argentina
Clement Payne Movement (Barbados; linked to Communist Party of Cuba)
Communist Party of Bolivia (supports President Evo Morales)
Workers’ Party (Brazil; ruling in coalition), Communist Party of Brazil (ruling in coalition)
Communist Party of Chile, Socialist Party of Chile (ruling in coalition)
Colombian Communist Party, National Liberation Army (Colombia; insurgent), Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (insurgent)
Costa Rican Peoples’ Party
Communist Party of Cuba (single-party dictatorship)
Dominica Labour Party (ruling in coalition)
Dominican Liberation Party (Dominican Republic; ruling in coalition)
Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (El Salvador; chief opposition)
Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity
Working People’s Alliance (Guyana)
Party of Labor (Mexico; contested 2006 general election in coalition with Party of Democratic Revolution), Popular Socialist Party (Mexico)
Sandinista National Liberation Front (Nicaragua; ruling)
Paraguayan Communist Party, Free Homeland Party (Paraguay)
Peruvian Communist Party, Socialist Party of Peru
Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, Socialist Front (Puerto Rico), Hostosian National Independence Movement (Puerto Rico), University Pro-Independence Federation of Puerto Rico
Broad Front (Uruguay; ruling coalition), Communist Party of Uruguay (ruling in coalition), Socialist Party of Uruguay (ruling in coalition), Tupamaros (Uruguay)
Communist Party of Venezuela (ruling in coalition)


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