Brecht Forum Speaker: "Pissed off at white people, the U.S., the U.S. Flag"

Listen to this immigrant speaker at an Oct. 19, 2010 Brecht Forum panel explaining why she is “Pissed off. Pissed at white people, pissed at the U.S., pissed at what the U.S. flag meant, and having to see it everywhere and anywhere.”

Note that this is the same Brecht Forum which hosted Tariq Ali’s Oct. 20, 2010 booklaunch at which Frances Fox Piven also spoke – just the day before.

The Brecht Forum holds programs and events for socialist/marxist/progressive enthusiasts. It is “a place for people who are working for social justice, equality and a new culture that puts human needs first.”


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15 thoughts on “Brecht Forum Speaker: "Pissed off at white people, the U.S., the U.S. Flag"

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  4. simply put she is a fat racist pig!
    Think I will have a few more white children just to piss of her and other anti white racist pigs. Looks like that fat sow cannot be too oppressed by the evil white man, seeing that that porker looks like she slams down 5 big macs per day

  5. She opposes minority rule in South Africa, yet supports it in America. Could it be that racism to her is just a tool to get the government to steal someone else's money for her? No sovereign is allowed to be successful, at least until after they have been plundered. And then only until they are plundered again.

  6. How sad to see these vulnerable people taken advantage of. They are lied to and twisted into embracing ideals that actually work against their self interest. Very sad.

  7. Oh, Wow. When I saw "Brecht Forum" I thought it was about hair care tips from the beautiful, ultra-rich, ultra-fertile John Edwards.

    Chick in video could use some hair care tips. By the way, she looks awfully white to me. What the hell special shade does she think she is?

  8. Whose country does this lady think she is a guest in? If what this country stands for offends her, she should go to Cuba or North Korea where things are done her way. This country was not founded for people like her, she has been invited into the "host" political body politic as a privilege. If she does not wish to become "American", leave. There are no fences here to keep people in, yet no one immigrates out.

  9. I would love to start a socialist camp, you know similar to a fat camp for kids. Invite all of these holier than thou libs to attend for a month and give em' a taste of what they apparently long for. I have several eastern european friends to act as guards and there will be plenty of out of work leftist politicians this Nov to act as their benevolent masters. I have a feeling it would be a colossal flop after the first group went through, but what fun it would be to watch.

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