The Day Beck Shook America

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, from Noisy Room has put together some very comprehensive coverage of Glenn Beck’s huge Restoring Honor rally, in Washington D.C.

Hat Tips: Gateway Pundit/Jean Stoner/Brian B./Nancy Jacques/Knowledge Creates Power/Larwyn

From the heavens to the roots of civil rights, Beck rocks the Lincoln Memorial and G-d brings Americans to their knees in prayer and the progressives to their knees in anguish.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton –

Updated through the day. Stay tuned Beck fans…

Restoring Honor – ‘Fundamentally Transforming’ America.



Back at the Lincoln Memorial, 47 years on

Restoring Honor rally

Beck: USA has ‘wandered in darkness’ too long…

‘We must advance or perish’…

Bachmann: A million people came…

NBCNEWS says closer to 300,000…

SOUR SHARPTON: ‘March will change nothing’…

WIRE: Rally signals election trouble for Dems…


‘Restoring Honor’: The Day After Wrap-Up & Whitewash

‘Restoring Honor’ at the Lincoln Memorial; Update: Live Stream Included

Glenn Beck: Obama Practices Type of Marxism Disguised as Religion (Video)

CROWD ROARS at Restoring Honor Rally as MLK’s Niece Alveda King Declares: “I Too Have a Dream!” (Video)

Bummer. Al Sharpton’s Counter-Freedom Rally Attracts Only 3,000 Supporters

RESTORING HONOR RALLY – 500,000 Patriots Gather to Honor America I hear a cool 1 million showed…

ALBERT PUJOLS WOWS THE CROWD at “Restoring Honor” Rally in DC (Video)

Sarah Palin Speech at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” Rally – Video 8/28/10

Shame on The Washington Post… Worse than that – blatant incompetence – the WaPo front page touts Sharpton’s rally for being on the 37th anniversary of MLK. Dude – it was the 47th anniversary – so did Sharpton actually hold his rally ten years ago? Waiting for an answer… I’m sure one will be forthcoming any second now from WaPo.

Notice anything funny about the WaPo’s internet coverage today? *UPDATED, often*

From Kim Priestap – her Dad took the pic:

The Entire Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally

Rally to Restore Honor Gathers Half a Million Americans, Makes History

Restoring Honor Rally… 8.28.10 – A God Inspired Dream

A Tale of Two Rallies on the Mall: Clean Conservatives vs. Filthy Libs (Video)

A quote someone posted from twitter:

“Of course Christians and tea bags go together — the hotter the water, the stronger the tea.”

Glenn Beck Appeals to ‘Restore’ the U.S., Al Sharpton Commemorates Martin Luther King

Sarah Palin: ‘We like what we’re doing’

Glenn Beck Rally Attracts Estimated 87,000 The numbers on this article are way off, but the pics are good… 87,000 my arse!

Media strives to cover D.C. rally with ‘Honor’

At Lincoln Memorial, a Call for Religious Rebirth

Beck & O’Reilly bet: If more than 100-200k come to 8/28, Beck can have the 8pm slot


Amanpour Offers Bitter-Clinger Variation To Explain Beck Rally Success

Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ Rally: What Do You Think Now?

Glenn Beck makes history: Washington rally shows power of conservatism in America

Ted Hays Debates Rev. Eric Lee on Glenn Becks Restoring Honor Rally in Washington DC

Glenn Beck Rally Picture Guaranteed to Drive Media Crazy

“Tens” of thousands rally while hundreds “pack”

Dream Crowds: King vs Beck (But Who’s Counting? Life, PBS, Wiki, InfoPlease… or CBS?)

Chris Matthews’ ‘Nightmare’: ‘Right-wing Boys and Girls Singing Praise for Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’

CBS to Black Beck Rally Attendees: ‘I’m Noticing that There Aren’t a Lot of Minorities Here Today’

Amateur Hour at CNN: Error-Filled Chyron During Beck Rally

Exclusive Transcript: Al Sharpton’s ‘I Have a Scheme’ Speech, Keynote Address of the 8/28 ‘Restoring Dishonor’ Counter Protest

Sharpton To Beck: Come On Fox News and Debate Ground Zero Mosque

Glenn Beck in Body Armor with 3 Bodyguards. Wouldn’t You?

iOwnTheWorld is incredible… 8) Thanks to Larwyn for pointing me there today…

…..the term “white trash” is an epithet against anyone non-white? The implication with that term is one that is hideously ironic. You’re pretty much saying, “hey, look, this isn’t the expected trash. This is WHITE trash, believe it or not.”….BFH

From the ANALS of the Vile Bigot, Wonkette

Affirmative Action Crowd Estimates

It Was Like A Return To Jim Crow, or Like We Were In Nazi Germany.

Seen On Amazon

There is nothing to see here

Sen. Landrieu Tries to Tie Beck & Restoring Honor Rally to Hurricane Katrina… Fails

“The Next Timothy McVeigh” Was At Restoring Honor Rally

Press’ Predominating Storyline About Beck Rally

Saturday Night Card Game (Think Progress Forced To Fold At Restoring Honor Rally)

Subliminal Deception

Subliminal Reduction at the Washington Post

The MaryHunter Reports From the Restoring Honor Rally


Daily scoreboard

Washington conservative rally…pictures by BBC

Last and certainly least:

Obama says he ignored Beck rally…


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6 thoughts on “The Day Beck Shook America

  1. "Glenn doesn't say to worship his god, but just God."

    By which,of coures,he must mean HIS god….the one old Smith imagined up along with those gold tablets that went missing…no way to back flip out of that one comrades of the cross.

  2. Anon and Lisa g…

    The Dec and "In God we trust" are in total conflict with the founders views on God and his/its inclusion in the makeup of the US…which they strongly oppossed.

    Jefferson,Madison Wasington,Franklin et el would have been horrified at seeing Becks wrongheaded call to return to an America under God that never existed in their day.

    How about yoou both go and learn something about what the US really stood for….and it wasn't a theocracy.

  3. thanks for the good round up, Trevor

    too bad people like James don't understand it

    guess ignorance is 'bliss' (or in some cases really makes them angry and they can't understand why

    try therapy James

  4. James, before disparaging Glennie re God, you may want to take a read through the Declaration of Independence or, more crassly, American money. God is replete in America's early to middle history. Glenn doesn't say to worship his god, but just God.

  5. Which God is it that Beck wants America to prostate themselves before..?The Christian one or one of his own Mormon ones…of which he will become himself oneday according to Mormon doctrine?

    Sadly this rally was not what America needs….its religion above reason.Ayn Rand would have despaired.Im rather sad as I liked Beck to a degree.His is about the only voice saying something that is important…but clouding the message with religion ain't going to help wake America to what is really happening anf what to do about it.

    Someone who can see the false hope offered by Beck makes the point very well here…

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