"Runaway Slave"

Runaway Slave – the Documentary, due for release 2011

Run away from the slavery of tyranny toward the blessings of liberty!

looks great!

Thanks to Nick


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9 thoughts on “"Runaway Slave"

  1. Wonderful, powerful video. The Democrat party is the party of Slavery. It's time for our modern day "slave" to run toward freedom.

  2. EXCELLENT. I was in high school and now as we approach our 50th reunion, I am proud to say my black friends from so long ago, have made their mark by being educated, creative,and believers that their future was in their own hands.

  3. what a great orator. his voice reminds me of martin luther king. and yes im that old but still full pee and vinegar.

  4. Jim…..I debated with myself as to using just THAT wording…. but then I reasoned that the blacks who know this …live this …don't need to be told…..it was aimed directly at the ones who DON'T…but I do stand justly corrected ….

  5. Too bad this will have to wait for release in 2011 instead of now – midterm elections. I will circulate the link to this video far and wide – it should go viral.
    Piggybacked to "Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black & White", I've learned more about the deception of progressivism in the last couple of months than in the previous 50+ years. Unleash the truth.

  6. This looks to be an amazing documentary. Agree with the posters in hoping for a 2010 release.

    Islamic countries continue to practice slavery especially in Africa. It's in their Koran therefore admissible via Sharia Law.

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