"Who Blew Up America?" – "Disinformation" Overload

This poem “Who Blew Up America?”, got communist Amiri Baraka  fired from his position as New Jersey Poet Laureate.

Too many communist “disinformation” themes to list – from “99/11 was an inside job” to the Israelis knew beforehand, to America invented AIDS to kill black people.

While on the surface laughable, many of these “disinformation” themes are accepted as “gospel” by millions of Americans.


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2 thoughts on “"Who Blew Up America?" – "Disinformation" Overload

  1. It saddens me to see this trash on this site. Weather the U.S. Government was involved in 9/11, or covering up insane incompetence, is sad. If your story is obviously lies, it destroys trust. Anyone who buys this article, should buy my bridge. Government lies are the true cause of division. They have repeatedly proven themselves, to be untrustworthy, for decades if not longer. This is due to Communist/Satanic/Banker subversion in the Government and , masses. OPEN YOUR EYES FOOLS!!!

  2. True. Sad.

    Dis-uniting the people is am Alinsky strategy.

    Sun Tzu also liked to win by having the enemy commit suicide.

    Sad that it was allowed to happen.
    Sad that the media piled on to inflame it.

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