Obama’s Church: It’s Hidden Ties to Black Extremism and Communism Part 3

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By Max Friedman

The Oct. 25, 2003 issue of N’COBRA’s “Black Reparations Times” (BRT) was also very interesting because it tied them in with Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich), the congressman with the longest documented history of supporting the Communist Party USA, other communist parties, and their fronts since the late Rep. George Crockett Jr (D-Mich), former Rep. Ronald Dellums (D-CA), and the late Rep. Bella Abzug (D-NY).

Conyers had sponsored House Resolution 3374, on Nov. 20, 1989, which wanted to establish a “Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for Africa Americans Act.” By their own admission, N’COBRA helped to draft “this legislation.” One of the earliest signers of this bill was Rep. Matsui and Norman Mineta both (D-Hawaii) which will become very significant later on in this article.

What was nice about this issue of “BRT” was the fact that it contained photos of speakers at the “Reparations Forum 2003: ‘Honoring The Debt”, Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference, held on Sept. 25th. On page 21 are a joint photo of speakers Dr. Iva Carruthers and Ms. DeBorah Gilbert-White, United Church of Christ (UCC). Yes, that is Rev. Wright’s church, and immediately above them is a photo of “Alderwoman Dorothy Tillman of Chicago, Illinois”, a political left-wing powerhouse there and one of Obama’s key supporters.

Dorothy Tillman with Louis Farrakhan

According to the “Legislative Commission Update” report on p. 22, “The forum highlighted several elected officials who have been instrumental in introducing resolutions and bills in their municipalities, in support of HR 40 and Reparations, several Faith Community Activists, and two Reparation Activists fighting the battle on the legal front. Alderwoman Dorothy Tillman of Chicago, Illinois, Councilman Charles Barron of Brooklyn, NY (one of the most racist black politicians in American
history) provided an overview of the resolutions and bills introduced in their areas … Significantly, the Chicago Illinois Reparations Ordinance was adopted in April, 2000.

Cliff Kincaid (AIM Report, 4/21/08) wrote that “Both Wright and Carruthers (i.e. Iva) were involved n the Illinois Transatlantic Slave Trade Commission, established by the Illinois state legislature in 2005. Its purpose was to examine the ‘past and present effects on African-American’ of the slave trade and it issued a report in 2007. Wright was an ‘associate’ of the commission while Carruthers was the ‘senior research consultant.”

One of their aims apparently has been to get guilt money from businesses whose predecessor organizations made some kind of profit from the slave trade or from slave labor over 140 years ago. This kind of subtle pressure on businesses, with associated threats of boycotts and picketing, is intented to get “atonement” payments for the participating groups. This has long been a tactic used by the Rev. Jesse Jackson (Operation PUSH, Rainbow Coalition) and the Rev. Al Sharpton (National Alliance Network) to get money from pressured businesses.

Alderwoman Tillman provided extensive detail about her community’s approach to the Chicago Reparations hearings, which included the testimony of renowned Africa American historians and social scientists, and personal testimony from the community. By the end of the testimony there was no doubt about the validity of the African American quest for Reparations. The success of the Chicago model is certainly one that should be duplicated in other cities and states seeking to adopt legislation in support of this important issue.”

This issue of “BRT” identified several members of Wright’s church as being involved in the reparations movement, and said the following about

“Dr. Iva Carruthers and Ms. DeBorah White represented the United Church of Christ (UCC), which has 1.4 million members. They outlined their congregation’s commitment to atoning and correcting the injustices committed against Africans and their descendants in the past and present. The UCC developed an excellent study guide that provides sound arguments for Reparations from a religious perspective.”

One speech by Carruthers appeared on p. 12 but it was unclear at which conference it was given.

Rev. Wright, His Church and N’COBRA

At the end of this “BRT” issue was the N’COBRA “Principles of Unity” which included “Our primary goal is to achieve Reparations for Africans in America”; “Africans in America are due Restitution for the Holocaust of African Enslavement and its vestiges”; “We believe our people are ultimately responsible for our collective achievement of social, economic, and cultural parity and liberation. Restitution will only assist in our recovery and building process. The struggle for Reparations is a sacred responsibility that must be assumed by African descendants in the Americas”, etc.

The emphasis on the “Reparations United Front” and “Members of the Collective” sound more like a story about the Borg in the television sci-fi series “Star Trek: Voyager” or one of Joe Stalin’s plan for the organization of Soviet society than about a group of America citizens.

Their list of Board Members includes “General Rashid and Chui (Elder Advisors); Dr. Ron Walters (Elder Advisor, Md, who has long been involved in marxist and black extremist affairs); Dr. Imari Obadele (aka Richard Henry, RNA, Louisiana, the old black maoist separatist group – he served jail time for the RNA-police shootout of August 1971 which left a Jackson, Ms. police officer dead; also with “The Black Scholar” publication ); Ajamu Sankofa -NCOBRA Secretary as of 2003 , a 2005 Executive Director of the leftist Physicians for Social Responsibility NYC, NCBL (National Conference of Black Lawyers) and a member of the Jury of Conscience of the International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration”, Oct. 21-22, 2005, which was a project of the Revolutionary Communist Party’s front, ‘Not In Our Name”, led by old SDS leader C. Clark Kissinger; and Herman Ferguson (NYC), once associated with the maoist-oriented terrorist group known as the Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM). More on Ferguson later on.

There was also an interesting report on “Reparations Town Hall Rally” by Hannibal Afrik, National Co-Chair, N’COBRA that was held on Oct. 4, 2003 at Tougaloo College. While not directly tied to Rev. Wright, this report does discuss a July 26, 2003 meeting of the first NDABA meeting in Chicago, at which Dr. Conrad Worrill, Chair, NBUF and Minister Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam set out a program to “create strategies for a mass-based mobilization campaign” for reparations. (NB: “ndaba” is supposed to be South African Zulu for “the great sitting down”).

The NDABA IV organizing committee uphold a photo of the mother of the Reparations Movement, Callie House, (L-R) Ba Ba Hannibal Afrik, Min. Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Mary Frances Berry, Dr. Conrad Worrill and Dr. Raymond Winbush.

It must be remembered the Wright has been s a friend of Farrakhan as far back as their 1980’s Qaddafi supporting days, and Worrill is an old Chicago leftist who most certainly had to know the Reverend because of politics, the reparations movement and religion in the “Windy City.”

What should be of concern to all was the presence of such extremist hate groups as the Republic of New Afrika, the New Black Panther Party, Farrakhan, and Chokwe Lumumba, Esq, a marxist from New York whosea long record of racial and political agitation, including providing legal support for domestic terrorists, will be detailed throughout this article.

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  1. “Tell me, do you actually the screeds of bullshit you write or are you a secret Daily Show fan?”

    Would you be concern about if let’s say a church like this was dominantly pro-white oriented and gave an award to David Duke being linked with a major Presidential candidate?

    Apparently, you are excusing this extremist view so long as it’s being affiliated with Obama.

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