Correction and Apology

In my Obama File number 55, I incorrectly attributed remarks made on The Rag Blog to former Weather Underground terrorist Jeff Jones.

They were in fact written by an Austin Texas based activist of the same name.

The mistake occurred because former terrorist Jeff Jones, serves on the board of the radical Movement for a Democratic Society with his old Weatherman comrade Mark Rudd.

Mark Rudd posted an article on the The Rag Blog (which is run by MDS member and Progressives for Obama supporter Thorne Dreyer) on Obama’s alleged secret socialist strategy. That post was quickly backed up by a Jeff Jones, who agreed that Obama was a stealth socialist and added that “Even Lenin would be impressed”

I assumed that this was the same Jeff Jones who worked with Rudd on the MDS board.

While I had Rudd write, I had Jones wrong.

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media checked it out and confirmed there were in fact two different MDS connected individuals with the same name. See his post article here.

I thought Rudd and Jone’s remarks were significant, becausr both personally knew MDS board members Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Carl Davidson (a founder of Progressives for Obama), who in turn all enjoyed close relationships with Obama, stretching over several years.

The post received considerable publicity on the US blogosphere. I have altered it accordingly.

I regret this mistake very much and apologise to both Jeff Jones’s and to all those who relied on my information.


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