5 thoughts on “Interview With a Muslim Fanatic

  1. the reason they speak openly of sharia law and support of 9-11 in england but not hear is that here we the people are well armed. i would welcome that fat muslim pig to come to my neighborhood and talk like that. i guarantee he wouldnt and still be able to walk. there are limits to what americans will put up with. unfortunately the brittish people are unarmed and have to fight the muslims as well as their own government. they are trying though. recently the english defence leauge was banned from facebook, but facebook allows people to put out things like kill pamella gellar of atlasshrugs.com because she exposes the world wide jahad. obama has always been a muslim. he has done alot to help this jahad and the rise of antisemitism in the world today. free people of the world, its time to wake up while we still can.

  2. Absolutely….. we are playing Russian roulette with Political Correctness. How sad it is that "WE" AMERICA are turning out to be our own worst enemy. Only God can instill in us the wisdom and knowledge to combat this Religious Fanatical Extremist Plague!

  3. Couldn't agree more…PC is going to kill us all.

    Sometimes it's not about rights, it is about the principle.

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