Cuban Flag Flies at Arizona Protest

Protesters turned out in Phoenix, Arizona to protest Arizona’s new immigration law.

Note the huge Cuban/Che flag.

Stand strong Arizona.

Your opponents are not liberal Americans, with a different point of view – they are socialist revolutionaries who want to destroy your country’s ability to maintain national integrity.

You are in the front line. Do not waver.


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18 thoughts on “Cuban Flag Flies at Arizona Protest

  1. Oh how I would love seeing how caring and open minded lefty moonbats are. I shan't hold my breath it would ever happen.

  2. What’s happening in Arizona is not only illegal aliens trying to dictate immigration policies to the U.S. That Cuban flag with Ché alongside the Mexican flag tells the true story. These people are ruthless professional communist agitators trying to force their hideous ideology of human slavery on a free society. I hope the U.S. authorities are aware of who they are dealing with and act accordingly.

  3. Thanks Trevor, I've lived in AZ for a couple of years, and the only protestors are always shipped here by bus from crazy communist California! SEIU had 500 CA members there, and the communist party.

    Here are more pics from a protest in May that contained anarchists, socialists, LaRaza, etc!

    Surely CA people have something they can protest n their own state… if only we could seal the boarder between AZ and CA, our police wouldn't be so busy arresting these civil disobedient liberals.

    The Mexican's put a bounty of 1 million for our Sheriff Joe.


  4. Dear nameless Doubting Thomas,

    I took the signs straight off this You Tube:

    This amusing video also highlights the plethora of imbecilic Tea Party banners:

    What a bunch of red-neck numb-skulls these Tea Party supporters are.

    They are totally embarrassing, an indictment on the U.S educational standards and the average I.Q's of the membership.

    So there ya go!

    All the best.


    PS: Plethora means a lot – just in case you were wondering?

  5. As an a American of Cuban descent, I find it DISGUSTING that those criminals would use the Cuban flag with Che's image. Why doesn't the US send them all to Communist Cuba? OR why don't they "immigrate there? If they love Che, let them run to Castro's Cuba. We Cuban Americans are probably THE only Spanish descent community in the USA that FAVORS the Arizona law. NOW YOU KNOW WHY. These bastards are ANTI-AMERICAN! They HATE THE USA. Cubans do NOT! WE HATE SOCIALISM and DESPOTS. WAKE UP AMERICA or this will become the Socialist Republic of America.

  6. Paul – Where did you see the signs you list above. Can you provide video footage to back up your claims. If so, post the links so everyone can see and judge for themselves. Otherwise readers will know there is no truth to these seemingly endless accusations.

  7. Speaking of so-called radical signs Trev, have you seen some of the placards displayed at those Tea Party demonstrations?

    I mean the ones like:

    ‘American Taxpayers are the Jews for Obama’s Ovens’
    ‘Barrack Husssein Obama – The New Face of Hitler’
    ‘Congress = Slave Owner Taxpayer = Niggar’
    ‘We need a Christian President’
    ‘Obama is the Anti-Christ’
    ‘Obama Terrorist to America’
    ‘Obama-Nomics Monkey See Monkey Spend’
    ‘Trade Obama back to Kenya’
    ‘Impeach The Muslim Marxist’
    ‘The zoo has a lying lion and the White House a lyin’ African!’

    Those crazy Tea Party goons also had a placard with Obama being lynched by the KKK.

    A couple of crumby Che and Cuban flags seem fairly tame compared with the overt racism & hatred displayed by your mates in The Tea Party (if ever there was a corny name ‘The Tea Party’ is surely it)

    All the best.


  8. The Cuban flag with Che and the Mexican flag give away their true loyalties. Aren't they blessed that Che isn't in Gov. Brewer's seat?

  9. These people are idiots. No citizen would stand with a group that positions itself with murderers and tyrants like Fidel Castro and Ernest "el Che" Guevara. The radicals are desperate for a win. You watch. Violence comes next as their beloved leader Mao has said.

  10. Come on people. Beat the crap out of these aholes. That's all they understand. You can't talk to them. Beat the crap out of them and drop them in the middle of some Mexican desert or the middle of the Gulf. Time for talking is over.

  11. Che would've imprisoned, and likely murdered, anyone on either side of the argument over illegal immigration vs standing up against ineffective central government.

  12. One of the federal government's constitutional responsibilities is to protect the states from invasion.

    Arizona is a state and it is being invaded by foreign influences.

    Federal government – do your job.

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