Allen West on Radical Islam

Florida congressional candidate Lt Col. Allen West in usual excellent form, discussing Islamic radicalism.

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8 thoughts on “Allen West on Radical Islam

  1. What is amazing is that Islam is so often not seen accurately in the West. Instead, we hear that Islam is a religion of peace – sometimes from Islamic sources, but also from Western sources. Why? The Qu'ran is more than (unpleasantly) clear enough. For the answer, we need to look at the West – what is happening in the West, secrets the liberal West is keeping from itself. I write of those secrets at I'd love you to come and take a look.

  2. YEAH boy that's the real thing right there! Ltc West – He's definitely got the right stuff. We need to put him up in there on The Hill and just let him loose to do his thing. He'll take gud care of them jihad hijackers and put the good ole US of A back on it's path to a constitutional republic where we oughta be.

  3. Doodie, that is because all of the Muslim's responses were based off of the Quran and Hadiths and such. There is not really a strong concept of extrapolating or applying old "law" to new circumstances. Nope, they are still literally applicable today as they were 1300 years ago in the desert.

  4. ive said it before and ill say it again, i will follow col. west anywhere he is a great man,leader, and patriot.

  5. What people need to understand though about radical Islam, is that it is Islam. It is called fundamental for a reason, its adherents are trying to go back to the roots of historic Islam, how it was interpreted and applied. Radical Muslims have not necessarily warped Islam, they have not come up with some sort of heretical, abberant interpretation. They are using a very literal and historical interpretation of the Quran and Hadiths and applying it to their modern situation. Are they warping it in their extrapolation? Perhaps, but I daresay that these fundies have more right to call themselves Muslims then the peaceful, moderate ones do.

    That said, I believe we should encourage the moderate and peaceful Muslims and that side of Islam. But reformation has already occured in Islam, and just as Christianity sought to return to the Bible and historic, early Christian practices and beliefs, so too Islam is turning fundamentalist or at least quietly acceptant of it.

    Too many Westerners are buying into the lie that radical Islam is not "true" Islam. If an Episcopalian or Catholic is just as much a Christian as a Baptist or Presbyterian, then a fundamentalist Muslim is just as much a follower of Islam as are moderate, peaceful Muslims.

    And that tells you what you need to know that we're up against and facing vis-a-vis Islam.

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