Lest We Forget-How Extreme Some Maori Activists Actually Are

My anonymous anarchist buddy Mr G took me to task on this thread;

Trevor can you actually point to a reference to any TR (Tino Rangatiratanga) activists saying they want to expel all Non maori from NZ, or are you jsut making stuff up again?

I’ve posted this before, but here’s a wee gem from Geoff Karena’s Bebo Blog

nga toa o te motu you are all invited to a hui to be held at a marae somewhere in the bay of islands feb 2 to feb the 7th 2007.

the hui will discuss how we/us you and all of us are going to take back aotearoa from the baldyheads to expel the britishers, the kaupapa of the hui is to set a plan of action in place to assist in bringing this about, independence and self determination we will all decide as to what and how we move on this ideally we want to perform an action on waitangi day that will shock the world.

we will be discussing how we are going to return mana motuhake of aotearoa to iwi or to the hui which ever will work for our people and what works best. for the purpose of being non hierachical making it safe for the wahine as well we thought we would come to the hui in scarves, balaclava’s etc no faces allowed whether we continue that during the hui will be up to the first hui of the week no leaders, we are all the leaders we can elect spokes people or representatives or kai mangai kaikorero. those organising the hui for instance are not the leaders they are the admin.

so long as you are into independence and self-determination for iwi hapu and whanau then you are will be able to contribute to the hui all will be listened to
karena puhi

Geoff Karena is an associate of two leaders of the “Urewera 17“, Tame Iti and .

He is also associated with several “Urewera 17” supporters including Teanau Tuiono, Kiritapu Allan and Kay Maree Dunn.

For more extreme statements from Mr Karena, go here and here.

Howzat Mr G?


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12 thoughts on “Lest We Forget-How Extreme Some Maori Activists Actually Are

  1. It’s called “patterns analysis” George.

    Bebo and Facebook are useful pointers to a person’s views or associations, but as you rightly point out are not hard evidence in themselves.

    They do give a guide to where hard evidence may be found though.

  2. If you were to draw links between my Facebook friends, you could implicate members of the Labour Party with the U17 with MFAT with anarchism with Greenpeace with the Australian National University with socialism with the Reserve Bank with Amnesty International with libertarians with… you see how silly this draw the links game you play is?

    Many people know many other interesting people, and reserve the right to staunchly disagree with certain positions they take.

  3. He is not the only one like that mr G-there was one on a comment on Indymedia yesteday as a matter of fact.

    Most people are nice in person Mr G and I’m sure Geoff Karena is no exception.

    Some people even think I’m OK.

    Unfortunately bad ideas can make nice peole do some pretty horrendous things.

    Hanging around with the Coscious Collaborations crew does put you under a wee cloud of suspicion I’m afraid.

  4. Trevor, you have no idea who my friends are, and even less about what various activists think. for the record I have met Mr Karena once or twice (making me his close associate according to your standards), and he seemed nice enough in person. I totally disagree with almost everything he has written though, as does almost everyone else I have met. But you turn an internet rant into “some Maori want to expel all pakeha from the land”

    Mr G

    PS I’ve even been to a few conscious collaborations events. maybe that makes me a terrorist too

  5. The Mordi need to realise they are not in control anymore. We are the boss now. The days of their tribal cave living are over and its time to join the right in individual autonomy.

  6. I have about 30 people on my Bebo list that I have never met in person nor even spoken to at this stage. Thats Bebo culture Trevor.

  7. Can’t you read anon?

    Mr G string said that not me.

    While many of them are linked through bebo-which is certainly a legitimate investigative tool, i quoted the Conscious Collaborations site as the source of that particular info.

    Put your glasses on man/woman.

  8. Jesus Trevor, are you saying that your evidence of links are via Bebo friends lists???? cripes mate thats a bit thin, you’ve either never been a bebo’er or you’d know that every man and his dog wants to be added to friends lists.

    Here is the comment between Kemara and Karena as to how they met.

    “We met at a symposium (flash word for a pissup) discussing the merits of the velocity of propagation of avian carriers.”

    So if I am to take that seriously, as you obviously have, they met at a meeting discussing the ping time of messages sent via pigeons…’avian carriers’

    Considering thats how you link Karena to the rest, thats a bit thin mate. But thin is your style aye.

  9. Been caught out mr G?

    Geoff Karena is linked to K Allan, T Tuiono, Rangi Kemara, Tia Taurere, Ira and Emily bailey and Ati Teepa through their mutual involvement in Conscious Collaborations.

    Emily and ira are your friends mr g-all getting a little to close for comfort perhaps?

    If you look at the dates given, its more likely that Mr Karena was referring to a later Waitangi Day-2008 or 09 perhaps?

    The event he was inviting people to was to be held over Waitangi day 2007.

    Caught with your wee Mr G string around your ankles were you?

  10. OK, so you found a rant from Mr Karena, who you associate with several other activists as they appear on his Bebo page friends list.
    Mr Karena also says he was planning “an action that will shock the world” on Waitangi day 07. This never happened. Is it possible that Mr Karena likes to talk tough.
    One tough talking ranter does not prove your original claim that
    “Some (Maori activists) want to expel non-Maori NZers”.

    calm down Trevor

    Mr G

    is stil

  11. Good stuff Trevor.

    The Maori activists are using the guile of traditional Maori warfare.

    In pre-settler days, Maori had very well constructed defences in their fortified pa but lacked cannon, mining skills, or pre-firearm siege weapons such as giant catapaults to breach these. They relied on taunts, bravado, insults, challenges to entice defenders out of pa for hand to hand combat.This is where the haka comes from.

    They also used guile in offers of peace, close friendship, rewards, and other psychological camouflage. These were seldom honoured.

    The guile lives on in the Urewera Activists’ use of lies, charm, and bluster to beguile the mainstream media sheep that they are harmless, lovely, peaceable folk.

    I find it disgusting that John Key gives Iti a whitewash. Key knows that most New Zealanders realise he will be privy to contents of intelligence on the Urewera mob, yet he was prepared to provide a photo opportunity that suggested he thought Iti was charming, harmless old grandad.

    Shame on you Key.

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