7 thoughts on “Obama/Ayers Connections

  1. I found this video alarming…what was the creator thinking? I feel the need to point out that the US drug laws are clearly unconsitutional, so anyone who supports them is destroying our rights as free citizens.

    If anyone doubts this I'd like to ask: why did an earlier generation see the need to ammend the constitution to make alcohol illegal?

  2. He catagorizes druggies & anarchists as "really good people"? BO, what will make this country great is not having you in the White House!

  3. Fox news broke this yesterday, that the senatorial elections in Minn. are being investigated, and they found fraudulent votes were cast by felons. There's been no comment yet by sen. s. smalley or coleman. Also, the d.o.j. is not going to pursue it.

  4. This can only be described as sedition and treason. Their agenda is the overthrow of our lawful government, our freedoms and our civilization. Do we really want to end up living like the Cubans and N. Koreans? Kim Jung Ill and Castro ended up as billionairs, so the system worked well for them.

  5. Is someone….Glenn Beck I hope aware of your info on file #80 and Ogletree. The last quote in that file talks about Obama reforming the criminal justice system. Looks like we are seeing evidence of that with our DOJ refusing to prosecute blacks against whites. We need more light shown on this

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