Where Were They Wrong?

The John Birch Society used to take heaps of “stick” from the left and not much less from some elements of the right.

Time has a way of sorting out truth.

Here’s JBS founder Robert Welch speaking in Los Angeles in 1974.

Can anyone tell me one thing he’s got wrong?


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14 thoughts on “Where Were They Wrong?

  1. As wastefully as possible! He sure got that right! The federal monster pays farmers billions not to grow food while simultaneously spending more billions to convert desert into farm land! Don't even get my started on the pointless wars.
    I think the criticism from the so-called "right" was mainly from the pro-war, pro-fascism cadre.
    I agree with the past commenter who said 90 percent would be a better percentage by which to reduce government! But back when Welch gave this speech, gubmint was not nearly so gargantuan as it is today.
    For anyone who wants to get the inside scoop on what is really going on in the US and around the world, I suggest a subscription to the JBS's affiliate magazine The New American. It is by far the highest quality publication that I'm aware of.
    Out of the UN! Sound money! Less government! How could anybody in their right minds argue against that????????????? God bless the JBS and Mr. Welch (:

  2. Ernie's parents must have donated his inheritance to The John Birch Society or something. His technique amounts to this:

    1) Make a definitive negative statement
    2) Indicate that is is validated by FBI documents
    3) Hope the reader does not try to match his statement to what is actually in the tortuous to read FBI documents

    Bottom line: The John Birch Society has been fighting for less government and more responsibility for over 50 years. Ernie has just been fighting the John Birch Society for 30 or 40 of those years.

    Here are the really dangerous ideas promoted by The John Birch Society:

    1. Unfortunately, Jim does not provide any specific examples of what he asserts….and the reason is obvious, i.e. he can’t because he just invented his criticism without having ANY knowledge of what I have presented. All the information in my online Reports pertaining to the Birch Society is heavily documented by specific references to FBI documents AND, in many cases, I have included scanned copies of those documents in my online articles. In addition, I donated most of my collection of FBI files on the JBS (both HQ and field offices) to Internet Archive—so everyone can see for themselves that I have quoted from them accurately.

      By contrast– what has Jim provided? Absolutely NOTHING!

  3. I'm sure everything that ernie1241 states about the FBI opinions is accurate. After all, they are employees of the bureaucracy. Why wouldn't they oppose an organization that wants to cut the bureaucracy by "at least" 50%?

    I didn't check out any of the links, but I'd be willing to bet a dozen donuts that the "right-side" critics were really progressives in the Republican party.

    1. Those “FBI opinions” were based upon factual material — not rumor, hearsay, gossip. Furthermore, the senior officials of the Birch Society including JBS founder Robert Welch always effusively praised the FBI under Hoover’s direction. [See, for example, JBS article, “The Wisdom and Warning of J. Edgar Hoover” published in October 1966 of “American Opinion” magazine.

      So, for you to attempt to de-value and dismiss what the FBI concluded is absurd and is only the product of your own bias — not the available factual record.

  4. "I consider the Birch Society futile, because they are not for Capitalism but merely against Communism" Ayn Rand

  5. I forget why it was that people were against the JBS. I never recalled hearing anything objectionable from them.

  6. A quick Google of ernie1241 shows that he loves to provide plenty of "stick" to JBS as well.

    Hard to imagine someone spending 40+ years chasing right-wing boogeymen, but I guess everyone needs a hobby!

    This report explains why J. Edgar Hoover and senior FBI officials within the Bureau’s Domestic Intelligence Division concluded in FBI memos that the JBS was “extremist”, “irrational” and “irresponsible”



    Contrary to claims made by the Birch Society, the most potent criticisms of the JBS have always originated from the right-side of the political spectrum. This report presents a representative sample of such comments.



    Two former FBI Special Agents who endorsed the Birch Society after they retired from the FBI are often cited by Birch Society members and supporters as knowledgeable, reliable, and authoritative sources of information on the communist movement.

    However, their FBI personnel files reveal that senior FBI officials did not have a very high regard for their post-FBI endeavors.

    In the case of Dan Smoot, just prior to his retirement from the FBI he was censured, placed on probation, and transferred to a small, insignificant field office as a disciplinary measure.

    Both reports include detailed critiques of statements and assertions made by these former FBI Special Agents.

    Dan Smoot:


    W. Cleon Skousen:


  8. I agree with the previous commentator. I also thought they were a bunch of racists for a long time. There are so many incidents we need to re-review now we've woken up. The problem is we're the workers and depended on the government to sort things out for us. They get paid enough – well now they can worry because come NOvember most of them will be gone!!! Even a few of my Dim neighbors are voting conservative.

    Talk to everyone you know or don't know…let them know what's going on…plant a seed.

    God bless all here,


  9. I am so glad to see someone say this. Growing up, we were always given the impression that JB was a bunch of racist nuts, but I have never found anything to substantiate that. Now I suspect they were given the "Tea Party" treatment.

  10. Trevor, what he got wrong was his prediction that his objective would be further along in the 15 years after 1974…unfortunately it did not happen. We have declined much further since his speech and it is going to be painful to get where he envisioned. But we are trying.

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