Chavez Begins Land Confiscation in Venezuela

Venezuela’s Marxist-Leninist president Hugo Chavez has learned nothing from from the failures of his comrade, Robert Mugabe..

From the Cuban News Agency

Havana, March 26 (ACN) “The agrarian revolution is one of the biggest internal challenges facing the country,” said Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Sunday as he announced the nationalization of 300,000 hectares (741,313 acres) of idle farmland, marking the beginning of a war on huge landholdings, Granma daily reported.

The land seized by the State involves 16 estates, Chavez explained during his Alo Presidente television and radio program broadcast from Barinas in western Venezuela.

“The agrarian revolution, agrarian socialism to be more precise, is one of the biggest internal challenges facing the country,” said Chavez. “It’s about ending the huge estate and recovering these lands under the guidelines of the law to put them to use to breed cattle for beef and milk production,” he added.

Later in the program Chavez said, “This land becomes social property as of today, which is what it always should have been […] Social property and production, and satisfying the people’s needs,” are the strategic cornerstones of the revolution taking place in Venezuela.

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