Glenn Beck – American Revival

Glenn Beck – American Revival conference, keynote speech.

Beck at his “heart on his sleeve”, emotionally uplifting best. Worth watching in its entirety.

This guy is the real deal. Glenn Beck believes in what he does. He may not always want to do what he does, but deep down he knows he has to.

We should also be thankful for that.

Bravo, Mr Beck.

Thanks to Robert.


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6 thoughts on “Glenn Beck – American Revival

  1. Yes.
    But I was very disappointed in Beck when he labeled Geert Wilders as a part of a fascist movement, when in fact he is fighting the Islamization of the West.
    Furthermore, Beck had Geert on his show before, so he can not claim he was misinformed about Geert.
    So, I am not 100% sold on Beck, but his work on exposing the commies in the gov. now is great.
    It wouldn't hurt if he would credit his (blog) sources more often….

  2. I highly recommend David Barton's "American Heritage" series. Much of what Glenn and David have no doubt been talking about on his Friday Founders days, the American Revival tour and BeckU, can be found discussed on WallBuilders and the AH series.

    Another person and series of note I've recently come across is Rev. Peter Marshall, "Restoring America". Mr. Marshall goes back to Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims and the Puritans. Eye opening!

  3. Glenn Beck is a true American Patriot!!!!! We need more of him in our country!! I pray for him and his safety and that he would someday SOON run for Congress or one day President!! I sure would vote for him!!!!

    Memphis, TN

  4. I'm so grateful to have been able to see this online. Thanks, Trevor, for posting this.

    Come join us in D.C. on 8/28.

  5. I had the great privilege to be at this revival in Salt Lake and see it live last Saturday. It was indeed an extraordinary event.

    It is a darned shame that this was the last such event on Mr. Beck's tour. Should he ever decide to do more of these, I recommend most highly that anyone able to attend should make a concerted effort to do so. You will certainly not be disappointed.

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