Green is the New Red

Obama’s communist “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones has become a very controversial figure in the US since being exposed to millions by Glenn Beck on Fox news.

A few on the left have tried to claim Jones has moderated his views since he was hanging around with Marxist-Leninists way back in 2006.

This video shows Jones among friends at a February 2009 Berkeley Energy Resources Cooperative meeting.

What do you reckon you Republican a………s?

Thanks to Geri.


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10 thoughts on “Green is the New Red

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  2. Worst of all the "progressives" have managed to secure power on both sides of the political divide.You only need look at John McCain, he is a progressive.Seems the entire western world is being run by a international "progressive" cabal.

  3. "How can you spot a communist sympathizer in the U.S. Congress? You can visit the website of the “Progressive Caucus” where, as of February 2009, more than 80 members of the House, including two from the Senate, self-identify themselves as progressives. “Progressive” was the term communists used after the McCarthy era. It is still in use today…."

    From Alan Caruba "Warning Signs"

  4. See Malkin's posts today for a glimps of true horror in action. Our kids are under attack in broad day light. This commie-freak (to borrow a term from Dick Cheney) must be stopped. As always, thanks for what you do Trevor – Robin

  5. And this was back in FEBRUARY! When Van's team was in complete control.

    Trevor, keep up the good research and work. The TRUTH is shining a bright light on these roaches.

    I have noticed that NO ONE has been able to contest any of Beck's excellent work – they can only attack him personally – and he is willing to lose everything to make sure the truth is loudly presented.

    Makes him compare favorably to the founding fathers that signed their own death warrant on the Declaration of Independence – willingly to lose life and property to defeat tyranny.

    I am here in the USA, and there is a remarkable awakening going on – I think Obama has been a blessing for the American public – they are learning civics and their Constitution, and the Dem party is about to get the giant congressional enema they have long needed.

  6. Wow, another episode of a Communist in action. What I found interesting is that Van Jones said B.O. can't be an asshole, and it was up to others to assume that role as if to insulate B.O. from the very Communist movement he supports and is pushing forward. Plausable denialbility? I don't think so.

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