Catherine Delahunty Is Definitely a Mad Communist

If you don’t believe Green MP Catherine Delahunty is a mad communist, follow this link to watch her addressing Socialist Worker’s recent “Marxism Alive 2009” conference.

That right wing scumbag Trevor Loudon even gets a mention a minute or two in.


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6 thoughts on “Catherine Delahunty Is Definitely a Mad Communist

  1. Notice the red armband Trev!

    But what does it say about the Green party; they voted for the screaming nanna!

  2. Catherine comes across as an extremely hard working but sadly dated utopian leftist politician with a lifetime of experience that speaks missed opportunities, and who is now isolated and struggling to remain relevant in a new world that has shifted right of center.

    Name calling, calling her a mad communist, is just lazy and frankly childish.

  3. Didnt finish. I heard the word Green but coukldnt recognise the invironmentalist green party in her communist philosophy

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  5. "economy should be about people"

    Umm, has someone informed her that a market is merely a process where people voluntarily come together and freely exchange goods and services? the market is people – the economy is already people; if she is going to 'whine' about greed then she is whining about 4million people.

    But of course, she'll claim that she's never selfish.

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