Buy Arizona! Break the Socialist Boycott Plot!

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America’s largest socialist organization, the Marxist based and its youth wing, the are very upset over new Arizona laws aimed at reducing illegal immigration.

D.S.A’.s several thousand members on campus, in labor unions, in the media and “community groups” are being urged to build pressure on Arizona, through coordinated economic, sporting and cultural boycotts.

From a June 2010, D.S.A. memo Breathing While Brown, Call for a DSA Response to Arizona’s Anti-Latino Crusade.

How can Democratic Socialists of America and Young Democratic Socialists respond to these pernicious developments? Many cities, including Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Denver, St. Paul, and Boston have implemented economic boycotts of Arizona and have banned their employees from traveling there on business. The All Star Game is scheduled to be in Arizona next year and activists are already petitioning and protesting in many cities to pressure Major League Baseball to relocate.

In Arizona, city councils in Tucson and Flagstaff have voted to sue the state over SB 1070. And protests in solidarity with Arizona’s Latinos have sprung up spontaneously in towns and cities across the country, often tied to other immigrant rights demands such as passage of the DREAM Act and a moratorium on ICE raids and deportations. These kinds of actions offer the best opportunity for forcing Arizona to repeal these measures and Congress and President Obama to move in the direction of more humane immigration laws.

DSA locals and YDS chapters can work in their own communities to expand these struggles to the point where decision makers will have no choice but to respond.

We must have a strong response to this moral and political outrage. National polls seem to indicate that the Arizona law is popular, but with education about the structural, economic problems which are pressuring both American and migrant workers, we can make progress. We should not let Arizona’s actions pass without a principled and strategic response that will grow our membership and build relationships with Latino and immigrant rights activists around the country.

The U.S. and international left understand the power of the boycott. They used it to get the British out of India, to bring Apartheid south Africa to the negotiating table and are now working the same tactics against Israel.

The pressure on Arizona will increase, the left cannot afford to allow the Arizona “mistake” to spread to other states. The socialist program for the permanent transformation of the United States, depends heavily on illegal immigration to break down and change the existing social order.

All Arizona businesses who sell outside the state, should prominently feature their product’s place of manufacture. All U.S. patriots should actively seek out Arizona made products, spend their holidays there, book their conventions in Arizona hotels and support the state economically, politically and morally in every way possible.

Break the socialist boycott.

Buy Arizona!


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13 thoughts on “Buy Arizona! Break the Socialist Boycott Plot!

  1. Arizona(I was born and raised in Tucson) has always been a "diverse" community. Our families have mixed relationships…always have.My Mexican/American(legal)family members are against illegal invaders. The only people who want open borders are the illegals(future democrat voters for the progressive far-left agenda),the drug cartels,the commies,marxists and socialists who hate America and what it stands for.
    We will not be bullied!

  2. I just returned from the God Bless Arizona tour – we went to learn about immigration and show Arizona that Texas supports them. The people in Arizona were so grateful. We were supposed to go to the border, but we were told that they could not guarantee our safety – that is telling in and of itself. Latinos spoke with us and said they had come here legally to escape their homelands where laws meant nothing and now the US is not enforcing the law.
    We were told Phoenix is number 2 in kidnapings in the WORLD (behind Mexico City).

    We were also told they were grateful we had actually put our pocketbooks where our mouths were. I feel proud that we could show them that they have support.

  3. I live in neighboring Utah and the predominantly Republican state congress will likely pass a much-needed similar law for our state relatively soon.

    Frankly, I think if more states were to do so in passing these laws the federal government would HAVE to finally address the issue instead of reneging on their responsibilities to protect our borders and enforce our existing immigration laws.

    Further, it would become much more of a conundrum for these Marxist groups to boycott 35 of our 50 states (not 57 states, President Obama) should they pass similar laws.

    No offense to those conservatives living there, but I have no illusions that progressive states such as California, Oregon, or New York would choose to pass such legislation.

  4. I'd love a list of products I could buy from Arizona — and if we had the money, my husband and I would head out there ASAP.

    They've got our support.

    Got an email from Gov. Brewer today. (I had sent some supportive emails to her.)

    I cherish it.

    We've got to stand strong and support THE LAW OF THE LAND — which is all Arizona is trying to do.

  5. I really can't see a boycott working against a state like Arizona. It actually contributes something useful (minerals, agriculture, manufactouring, etc) to the US, and world economy. Perhaps tourism may be more easily targetted, but otherwise (in my very limited knowledge) it seems a well balanced, stable economy and state.

    Targetting your classic leftwing-liberal states, like California (apologies to any conservatives in California!), which given thier almost complete service-reliant economies (making them entirely depenent on others) would collapse them in days, but your hard-working, gritty conservative states like Arizona? They won't be bullied by such vindictive attacks, and latent disregard for democracy…

    Arizona should turn this situation on its head, and withhold its products from those that attack it. You'll quickly see them shut thier liberal mouths when they have no food… 🙂

  6. If they have a problem with the new law then why don't they volunteer to foot the bill for all the expenses non-taxpaying illegals generate. End of problem.
    Now if only there were a way to charge them for the Taliban strolling across the border and the kidnappings. Oops! Too bad the only jobs most of these students have is picketing.

  7. Boycott a state where the government is actually listening to the will of the people and at least trying to serve and protect its own citizens?

    If that does not tell you everything you need to know about the benevolence of the Socialist-Marxist Movement, nothing else will.

    Fight communism with capitalism and un-boycott of Arizona. They are the tip of the spear.

  8. I can't wait to book a trip to beautiful Arizona. The grand canyon is one of our nation's most beautiful sites.

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