6 thoughts on “Andrew Klavan on "Democrat Embarrassment"

  1. Yep. It's so true. I have a cousin suffering from this disease. It's a terrible, terrible thing. The guilt. Remorse. Joblessness. Fear of terrorist acts. Nightmares about the oil spill.

  2. In the USA the last four sitting governments, with very few exceptions, have been rife with Progressives who have worked very hard to hasten the end of our rights and liberties. It's been both political parties with the Republicans being "Lite" Progressives generally (we have a few exceptions like Steve King, Michelle Bachman, to name a couple). The Democrats have been totally subverted by either Progressives and Marxist factions who have been trying to use each other. The next major battle will be to see which of those two win. If the Marxist faction wins things will go bad very quickly. Time for people to wake up. It's starting, but I'm concerned that we need to wake them faster.

  3. Get a life Dude.Its not OBAMA only,Its the WHOLE COUNTRY,Bush,Carter,Bush,Clinton all put us here,We are not ROME,We will no take over the whole world,we WILL COllapse Just Like RUSSIA DID,When a Nation Takes care of Everyone else around the world,Gives more handouts to IMMIGRANTS and Gives the TAXPAYERS nothin in RETURN,Then Its OVER.Our Troops are to protect the USA,Nit ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD,We Cannot go around Killing Innocent People all over the world and think It WOn't come back here…Its the elite causing all this To Grab Oil,Its not GOING TO WORK…TRUST ME…..Its Not if one is a Liberal or a WAR MONGER,You SOund Like A WAR MONGER CHICKENHAWK…

  4. Wow. "Beginning of the End" indeed. Love Klavan — enjoyed your true tale of liberal idiocy in the comment section.

    Funny thing, though, I used to think I was a liberal.

    But I do have a brain. And I've been an anti-Communist (as were JFK and Robert Kennedy) for decades and decades.

    So now I know the truth: the Dems have been completely infiltrated and poisoned by Marxist/Maoist horrors. The Republicans have only partially been poisoned.

    And I am definitely a conservative now.

  5. Indeed funny…But…

    Liberals don't do embarrassment, or learning from thier mistakes, or indeed acknowledging that any mistakes were made…

    I was slugging away as a UKIP activist in the election (UK general) earlier this year, and was called a 'Nazi' by a chap handing out the Socialist Worker. I asked him if he new what Nazi meant, and what the full title of the Nazi party was, in English or German, I wasn't fussy. He didn't know. So I told him, placing great emphasis on the 'Socialist' and 'Worker' elements. He mumbled something I won't repeat, then changed his insult to 'Fascist'. So I asked him what 'Fascist' meant. He didn't know. So I explained, pointing out that UKIP was indeed the opposite of fascism, championing reduced state control and generally greater freedom – and that the closest thing the west now has to fascism are trade unions, who coerce people into joining through 'closed shop' setups, take significant proportions of thier wages for inexplicable purposes, and exert an influence over politics and the economy (through militant action) without a democratic mandate as justification.

    He then turned around and walked away in the direction of a fellow activist. His opening line to this other chap? "Nazi"…

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