3 thoughts on “Pity Moderate Iran

  1. I dont apoligise for any terrorist group, no matter what their political persuasion.

    In new Zealand the tax and health systems are used as instruments of terror against the population.

    But the result is the same. Subjugation of the mass.


  2. “Meanwhile American and Israeli death sqauds continue their extermination of dissidents out of the public gaze.
    Thank god the western media is one eyed.”

    Do you always have to apologize to Palestinian terrorists who brainwash Palestinian children to become future terrorists? Typical among your kind to apologize for Nazi-Hitler style youth groups of terror groups.

  3. Yes, a picture is certainly worth a thousand words and this picture says a whole lot what the Iranian government really wants.

    Are they this stupid in provoking a military strike against them? I thought the goal was to make it seem that the Iranian nuke program was for mere civilian purposes? Looks like it’s not for innocent civilian purposes.

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