He-e-e-lp-Spam Overload

I like to maintain a free comments policy on this blog, but unless I limit comments to blog members only or disable them entirely I get spammed with hundreds of these things daily.

My Obama posts seem to be particularly hard hit.





I’ve turned comments back on for a few hours. Anybody know how to get rid of these idiots?


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9 thoughts on “He-e-e-lp-Spam Overload

  1. One way to stop bots is using a Verification Code script. I don’t know if you have that option with WordPress but you could check into it. If you can afford a programmer…scripts are relatively easy to add to prewritten Content Manager’s like WordPress.

    Hope that Helps!

  2. I have several forums & can block IP's. You can block individual IP's & ranges. I'm not sure what the capabilities are on BlogSpot/Blogger. Maybe there's an add-on you can find.

    Also, a stronger word verification — with noise — may help with the bots.

    Good luck!

    BTW — your blog is incredible! Thank you!

  3. This is what the message translates into from helpful hand of Babel Fish:

    “This rents a room the net free publication not to spend money Ye, surpasses Kang to find out rents a room comes quickly! The specialized Moving company, serves 1st, the customer is supreme, is you are worth holding the negative life-long good partner! The fine Moving company is mainly in serves for everybody moves for the goal, this website service items by, the Moving company, turn head the vehicle, the family move, factory relocation, for main, serves the area, Taibei moves, Taichung moves, the Gaoxiong Moving company, the entire province Moving company, welcome to inquire of Introduces in a lower chamber to design while convenient in the domestic development, already to an urgently needing breakthrough bottleneck stage. Although, in the decoration educational world, we have established from the high school, the quality, five specially, two techniques, four techniques, the university to the research institute quite complete indoor design related professional education system, in field, related jobholders at least also above several thousand people, but the folk public figure regarding the housing, business is spatial, the office and so on demand of each kind of spatial indoor design also unceasingly grows along with the economy with the social progress, but day by day earnest. On the surface looks like, the indoor design as if vigorous development, the level road are in sight, but the fact is not true. This domain still has many question urgently needing to overcome until now with solves, but one of most main questions will be official “the indoor design” has regarded as is the attachment under the construction accessories, but specialty of the non-independence. This situation, we announce the execution from Ministry of Interior content of the building house decoration policing method then to be possible to see clearly. This one after the educational world, the field full communication has not been the hasty making, and executes the result not clear indoor design policing method may say the question layer on layer, is worth examining thoroughly, seeks road of the thorough improvement.”

    Complete and utter nonsense.

  4. I can’t read or translate Chinese but it is easy to infer what is being communicated.

    We are watching you Loudon. When we recover the Great Southern Islands (ANZ) that were wrongly taken from China we will be coming for you. Unless, of course, you change your ways and start praising the great and glorious Chinese communist party.

  5. This is why I regulate my comments on my blog. Prevents these spammers from spamming. If you take these Chinese characters and try to translate them in a Word Processing program or on Altavista’s Babel Fish, you can see that they make no sense whatsoever.

    I speculate these are from Chinese computers based in mainland China doing it. This is obviously the imo of a spambot.

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