"For It"

Anti Islamic terrorism campaigner David Horowitz, speaking at the University of California – San Diego.

A young woman from the Muslim Students Association confronts Horowitz.

When pressed by Horowitz to reveal her true sympathies she does.


Hat Tip, Nick and Red State


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2 thoughts on “"For It"

  1. I would have said "Unbelievable" two years ago.

    Now? Still horrified. But not as surprised as I would have been.

    Shocking to not be shocked, I suppose, and shocking to hear someone at an American University admitting to wanting all Jews to be killed.

    Horowitz was brilliant in setting up her "for." Did everyone hear it?

    She is "for" the massacre of Jews. In or out of Israel.

  2. What a big fat ugle b….! I could hear her anger all the time she was talking to him. It made her voice shake but he was goooood. He knows exactly how to play them.

    May God bless him for the work he does…

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