Just a Quick Note

I’ve awoken to the news that Glenn Beck mentioned this blog on his radio show today.

Thanks Glenn and thanks to the thousands of readers flooding in.

I am tied up all morning, so here are a couple of quick messages.

First -I urge all readers to check out our sister site KeyWiki. This is a growing encyclopedia of the US left. Go to the Mainpage, type in a name in the “search” box and press “go”. Try “Barack Obama Communist Party” or “” for starters.

Secondly -this book hits the US book stands today. I have no financial interest in it, but the authors Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott are great researchers and I have helped them with some aspects of their research.

Please go out go out and buy this book today!

Thirdly, there is also PayPal button top right of this Blog for those who may wish to help New Zeal financially.

Lastly – keep supporting Glenn Beck in any way you can.

Without Glenn Beck’s amazing and courageous work, our freedom would be even more imperiled than it is today.

Glenn and his team are true heroes.

Thank you Glenn Beck, Fox News, the “Tea Party” movement and all those who work for freedom. Thank you to those who support my work. You know who you are.

Back soon.


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10 thoughts on “Just a Quick Note

  1. Those of us who know what is happening will not allow it. Another great source is Quinn and Rose 104.7 FM from Pittsburgh PA. They seem to get ALOT of stuff others don't. Hannity is too full of himself to matter. Check out the former KGB agent's interview broadcast this mornining on Q&R. It'll send chills down your proverbial spine.

  2. I have been reading your excellent work for a year now. Glad to see Glenn mentioned it. Your Obama research is excellent!
    Go to ACT! for America and read what is happening there with Obama's failure in terrorism. Read the STOP SHARIAH NOW project material. There are over 400- financial institutions/baqnks worldwide funding terrorism through this program. AIG has received tax dollars to bail them out.

  3. Congratulations, Trevor, on the well-deserved recognition. Will be sending another donation in gratitude for the phenomenal work you're doing.

  4. Heard Glenn's broadcast this morning as I was driving on the freeway. Congratulations on the well-deserved recognition for the excellent research work you do here at your blog, Trevor!


    Talk Wisdom

  5. Wonderful site! Can't wait to read more of your research. Thank you so much! We need more like you world-wide!

  6. Wow! Great news Trevor! I missed it unfortunately but I know you deserve it. Thanks for what you do.


  7. 26 years a journalist (retired 14 years ago) Trevor – THIS IS what journalism used to be.
    Have been trying to spread the word on this site as much as I can … EXCELLENT work.

  8. Thank you for your continued work in protecting liberty world wide. Your investigative skills have amazed me for quite a while now, and yes… I did hear Glenn's glowing New Zeal report this morning. I cranked that radio up so loud I could hear it over my rambunctious tots.

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