10 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Quotes New Zeal

  1. I heard about your work on Glen Beck. Thank God for people like you!!! My sincere Thanks.

  2. Trevor, this is really and truly well-deserved praise from Glenn. Americans owe him–and you–so much for your dedicated and enlightening work. You are both doing the work the U.S. media is meant to do, but will not or cannot.

    Since the inception of our young blog, Common American Journal, we've been honored to link with you through our RSS feed. It's our hope that our readers will find their way to your informative news items and come away inspired to restore America to the good–the great–nation we know it is.

    Thank you, Trevor, and congratulations! [g]

    All the best~

  3. Rock on man!!! Just got tuned into your blog via GB and really like it. Keep it up man. There are many who get it and people like you keep the ball rolling.

  4. Thank you for uncovering this! I'll be sure to read your future posts, and am going to add you to my blog role.

  5. Trevor:
    Thank you for taking the time to do what our state-run media will not.
    I heard Glenn mention you and your blog yesterday morning, which prompted me to check it out. I linked to your Obama File 102 in my post yesterday and encouraged everyone to check out your blog.
    God Bless You and keep up the great work.

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