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  1. For many years we are doing this in Switzerland. We have transformed our economy since the 1973 oil shock from the middle east. We reduced our oil consumption from 65 down to 19% with the use of smart technology and have in the process quadrupled our GDP. Any government who tells you that we cannot do that is lying and is only talking about its own interest. This is what the oil barons [ups.., I meant the Bush administration did] and now the Obama administration is doing. How can an administration invest again into the same financial system who betrayed so many people around the globe? Because he is sleeping with those so called smart economists, bankers, investors etc. He has to do it – why, because they elected him essentially. The only way to stop this nonsense is through direct electoral referendum system [like its done in Switzerland]. The power has to go back to the electorate. Of course now we have a world wide electorate which is frustrated and apathetic. This because the many governments around the world have achieved that by giving the electorate absolutely no power. The only power today a electorate has outside Switzerland is to go to the ballots every so often [3-4 years] to elect a miserable from a even worse candidate. There is no choice really. So they end up with a government who is unproductive and self serving. That has nothing to do with democracy – these are small dictatorships run by personal egos.
    If technology would be used smart and the right way to serve humanity we would have reduced the daily grinding work force by many factors. We would have the developing world freeing up the 3rd world from its depths. The real question is do these governments really want this to happen. No, of course not. Any self serving politician will try to stay in power as long as possible and that can only be achieved by a electoral system who does not give the power to the people. In Sawstop we have seen the classic people power. A man develops a simple but very powerful effective tool to save anyone from a dreadful accident. I this process though we also see the sawstop in action. The sawstop is being demolished but saves somebodies life. Would any politician do that – really serving and scarifying his/her self interests. Of course not. And there we have the problem. As long we go on glorifying politicians ego we will achieve nothing. We need to get away from personal politics. We need to make it faceless, it needs again to become the power of the people and for that we need to reeducate the people. Make them critical thinkers and skeptics when it comes to politics. We need to show them again what the real "gut feeling" is. The instinct, that will guide and has guided so many people for centuries. If anyone believes that one's vote is safer in a political personal party vote then this is an illusion and self betrayal. And we all know where this is leading us. Wake up electorate of the world. Use smart technology, teach it in the schools. Lets teach again our children to think critically and to become citizens of the planet and not sheep which follow a Shepard who has no vision.

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