7 thoughts on “Arizona Fights Back

  1. Mexicos immigration law is much stronger than Arizonas but their is no talk about boycotting Mexico in our liberal media. Mexicans are held to lower standards because the racists that control our media believe that they are inferior. They refuse to hold any country that is not primarily white to any standards on allowing immigrants in their country.

    Plain and simple the liberal media are racists

  2. I have a suggestion to help all law enforcement people who have a problem with this law – instead of arresting the illegal immigrants, they could save the state money and "encourage" them to go to California instead. It sounds like California does not have the same problem with illegal immigrants that we have so they should welcome them with open arms. What do you think?

  3. Have faith my friend. The American people are awake. For the last few months I worried as you do but I do finally see some "Hope". We are on to the Chicago politics and the far left agenda. What I worry about is what's being fed to our children in school, not to mention the Universities. No, Thank You Bill Ayers! How is he still an American? Remember that bumper sticker "Bush Not My President"? Well I feel the same way about the current administration. I would love to have a conservative black president but what I got with Obama is a punisher for freedom, liberty, and the American way. Racism being cast on the Tea Party– so typical

  4. Obama is a secular marxist and his entire agenda is to destroy America because he actually hates it. Arizona doesn't want to end up like California where people are now leaving to live in adjoining states rather then face the crime, rising taxes and dangerous conditions brought on by allowing massive illegal immigration. I don't blame them and neither do the other several states that are considering similar laws to the one Arizona just passed. If the federal government won't run the illegals out, the states will individually….and it's way past time!

  5. it's about time we let obamam know that he is NOT funny…not when it comes to our lives and families.

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