So the Tea Party Movement is Hateful?

This comes with a very strong obscenity warning.

Those right wing, “Tea Party” supporting nasties at FreedomWorksAction recorded some choice emails and phone messages from the peace loving, kindly and tolerant US left.

Thanks to Nick.


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4 thoughts on “So the Tea Party Movement is Hateful?

  1. regardless of the phone messages, everything else is authentic. They're so far in bed with "the man" that it's past funny. Why do people trust government so passionately?

  2. I know this will be a bitter pill for you to swallow…those voicemails are fake. They were recorded using hi quality condenser microphones. That degree of fidelity is not achievable with the microphones on phones. Note the lack of background noise as well as the post production reverb.
    If you think I am pulling your leg, feel free to consult an impartial expert ( sound engineers, music producers, heck, call a radio station and talk to one of the production guys)
    But really…I am not pulling your leg on this, mate.

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