Beck on Crime Inc. – Must See!

Another sensational Beck show.

Glenn Beck puts more of the picture together. Cap & Trade, Goldman Sachs, Franklin Raines, Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Emerald City, Gerry Hudson, Apollo Alliance, Van Jones etc etc.

Beck correctly identifies Wisconsin based academic Joel Rogers as one of the key puppet masters.

You can see the strain telling on Glenn Beck. He’s carrying a huge weight on his shoulders that we all need to step up and share.


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8 thoughts on “Beck on Crime Inc. – Must See!

  1. Forgot; thank you very much for the excellent and intense work you are doing and all you have done.

    From America with love


  2. I do what I can which is pass on information as it becomes available. I look for sights too with high comments such as yahoo buzz. They seem to be faily bias as in not scrubbing or blocking posts.

  3. Glenn Beck is a true American patriot up there with Wasington, Jefferson and Samuel Adams…God bless him!

  4. Beck has a combined, American radio and TV show audience of over 10 million. About 3 million plus for TV.

    It is starting to show with him. We should all do all we can to help … It would be helpful if everyone would repost these vids on every site they can.

  5. Glenn Beck has to be the Bravest man in the U.S. to expose that Gangster Movement of Obama's in DC

    Bless you Glenn

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