Are Wellington Lefties Slack?

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Smush wrote;

A note to Wellington lefties

Where are you? There is a full-on industrial dispute going on in Palmerston North, Auckland and Christchurch (the biggest in years!) and workers at supermarkets are organising and are taking action. This was the third supermarket picket this month (one in Kilbirnie and Upper Hutt) but the Wellington left doesn’t seem to care. We are only good at not turning up! Anarchists, Communists and Socialists – come out and support the workers!
Don Franks replied

Where were we Wellington lefties?

Some of us were late, due to other factors.

There was also the anti Zionist protest same day, begining the march at which clashed.

After some thought I chose to go to the NDU thing which I thought was from 11 to 2pm, so got on the bus and the train and arrived at 1.45, after doing the regular Spark sale. The Porirua NDU picket had a good feel to it and there was just heaps of public support,; more toots than I have ever heard before.

There’s an NDU trip going up to Palmy on Wednesday and another picket in Wainuiomata after that.

New Zeal That’s alright then.


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