Obama on Wright – Wright on Socialism

A 1995 video in which Barack Obama praises his “wonderful” pastor the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the “best of the black church.”

On September 17, 2009, U.S. socialist magazine Monthly Review celebrated its 60th anniversary at the New York Society for Ethical Culture in New York City.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, praises the publication for its “no nonsense Marxism.”

Obama sat in this man’s Marxist church for 20 years, listening to socialist sermons and he didn’t even notice?

Either Obama is a liar or he is a fool.

Neither possiblity qualifies him to lead what’s left of the free world.


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4 thoughts on “Obama on Wright – Wright on Socialism

  1. Obama is neither a liar or a fool.

    He is a hardcore Communist who has told us exactly who he is over the years and the public has either ignored the facts, or approves of them.

    Only "We band of brothers" – the Freedom Fighter's of the world – knew the truth from the beginning. We attempted to share that truth with the world and at first were largely ignored.

    However, the sleeping giant of America is waking up, thanks to us. He's not fully awake, but one eye is certainly open. When He is fully alert he will pick up a terrible swift sword and make war on the traitors.

    All Patriotic Americans are Revolutionists – this is in our DNA – We are a country born in revolution and civil war. In the last civil war we radical republicans killed over 300,000 traitors to the Republic.

    If it takes the death of 3,000,000 traitors and the destruction of many American cities this time around – then so be it.

    Obama and his fellow socialists pray for "The Revolution" like all true Marxists. I hope they understand the fate of traitors.

    They will get what they pray for.

    They will not like what they get.

    "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war…"

  2. Our mothers used to tell us that "you can tell a lot about a person by the people they associate with."

    So we have Barry, progeny of a communist Muslim from Kenya;

    Later adopted by an Indonesian Muslim;

    Spending his teenage years in Hawaii mentored by Chicago exile Frank Marshall Davis, member of the Communist Party USA;

    Then Barry decides to change his name to Barack Hussein Obama, to match his communist Muslim father's name; and

    After mystery-shrouded college years lands in Frank Marshall Davis' old home town of Chicago, where he takes up with the likes of …

    Valerie Jarrett, William Ayers and, for 20 years, sits in the pew of Reverend Wright (also having him baptize his children), listening to Wright spew Marxist-inspired black liberation theology and "God Damn America!"

    And so what does this tell us about the current President of the United States and his intentions for this country?

    Well, not his Minister's "God Damn America" but instead "God Please Save America!" from Barack Hussein Obama and his Obamunist administration!

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