Allen West on the War With Islam

Colonel Allen West speaks on the War with Islam February 19.

He is one of the few US politicians prepared to name the enemy.

This guy is standing for Congress as a Republican in an heavily Jewish/Democratic District in Florida.

He faces a tough battle, but I hope every American reading this sends Allen West some dollars for his campaign.


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3 thoughts on “Allen West on the War With Islam

  1. “Republican congressional challenger Allen West’s campaign released a poll this morning that shows West with a 44-to-42 percent lead over U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton.

    That makes the race a statistical dead heat — which is not good news for an well-financed, well-known incumbent.”

    He did well in 2008 with almost no funding. I think he'll pull it out this time. We'll be donating heavily. His district have a lot of retired Jews from the NE who run Democrat but I think some of them have to be pissed at Obama because of the healthcare takeover which will effect them bigtime.

    Here's a list of some of our candidates I just read on a forum –

    Nick Popaditch, decorated Marine veteran

    Dan Benishek, general surgeon

    Army Lt. Col. Allen West

    Arthur Robinson, scientist and businessman

    Angela McGlowan, former Fox News commentator (black)

    Sue Lowden, beauty queen and Nevada gaming licensee

    Star Parker, author and former welfare mom (black)

    John Dennis, businessman and real-estate investor

    Chris Cox, grandson of Richard Nixon
    Other candidates and trends

    More strong black women running for Congress:

    Arkansas’ Princella Smith, California’s Virginia Fuller, Florida’s Gwyn McClellan,
    Georgia’s Dr. Deborah Honeycutt, Minnesota’s Barb Davis White, Tennessee’s Jean-Howard Hill and Charlotte Bergmann.

    Also, radio talk-show hosts such as Arizona’s J.D. Hayworth (Senate),
    New Hampshire’s Jennifer Horn, Georgia’s Jody Hice and former nationally syndicated host
    Paul Schiffer of Ohio have announced their bids for Congress.

    Likewise, at least 25 returning Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans are answering the call to serve their country yet again – this time as lawmakers. A list of returning combat veterans who are running for office is available at Iraq Veterans for Congress.

    Great conservative candidates – exciting.

  2. I'm no longer living in Florida, and I'm pretty impoverished right now, but I'm going to contact his campaign and give SOMETHING.

    Every time I hear this man speak — the few YouTube videos and once on FOX News — I am so impressed with his insight, his experience, his knowledge of us and of our enemies, his understanding.

    I pray he wins, but if he doesn't win in that district, I pray he'll continue to run in other races. I pray he doesn't go away!

  3. I live in Florida (not District 22) and I have already donated to West's campaign. This is an honorable man with great character. He speaks the truth. His leadership is contagious. I will be doing what I can to help him get elected. America NEEDS patriots like Colonel West to represent us. He will stand for traditional ethics and values. I pray he is elected.

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