Beck on Egypt

Glenn pulled out a “blinder” for his birthday. He even plays a little clip I posted on New Zeal!!!

Is Egypt really the start of a major worldwide shift? Glenn thinks it is. I hope not, but I think it just might be .

Another point. I got this excellent quality video from The Daily Beck

The man who runs this site is not part of Glenn Beck’s organization. He is an independent patriot who runs the site out of his own pocket as a public service.

Last night he had a major computer failure, which has cost him big bucks to fix.

Please, please go to his site and send him some dollars, so he can get fully up to speed as soon as possible

He is a true patriot and deserves your support.


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4 thoughts on “Beck on Egypt

  1. Thanks, Trevor..and all of you for your support of The Daily Beck. I do my best each day to help share Glenn's message with whoever is willing to listen..and I am more than happy to do it.

    I hope that you are enjoying the new HD video!

    The Daily Beck

  2. Trevor, you are a rare gem, The Daily Beck is a great site! Joe from is a patriotic young man who deserves support for his excellent content and support of liberty!
    He uploads The Glenn Beck Program every day without commercials and his video quality is unmatched.
    Kudos to you too, I knew that clip was yours when I saw it!


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