Al Sharpton: A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Socialism

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The ever-controversial Reverend Al. Sharpton states that the American people voted for socialism when they voted in President Barack Obama.

“I think the President and Nancy Pelosi get the credit. I think that this is, he began the transforming of the country, the way the President had promised. This is what he ran [on]… First of all we’d have to say that the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama… The President promised the American people health reform when he ran, he was overwhelmingly elected running on that, and he has delivered what he promised. I don’t understand Republicans saying “this is against the will of the American people”. They voted for President Obama, who said this was going to be one of the first things he would do, and he has done the first hurdle of that tonight, So I think the American people were heard loud and clear; this was not some concept the President introduced after he won. He ran on this, and the American people won tonight because they got finally, something from a president that they voted for”


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7 thoughts on “Al Sharpton: A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Socialism

  1. Sharpton is a nobody….a little man, like his pal Jessie, they are useful idiots who continue to push blacks down not allowing them a chance to rise up. Sad men that need to be squashed out…………….

  2. It is a sad moment in history for freedom. As Americans we have been lied to and are being governed against our will. The 30% of our nation that wants socialism is ruling and they have the media completely helping them. They are inciting violence from us. I fear our nation will have to divide. Neither side is willing to give in. This is essentially a war when conventional wisdom knows we cannot have a war like we did in 1860.

  3. Unfortunately Al Sharpton is right. The majority of American people DID vote for socialism. The vast majority of those people may not have known what it meant but they did vote for it.

  4. not just Republicans, anonymous… unhappy democrats & independents, too!

    all who believe in a pro-constitutional, smaller and saner fed government, fiscal and personal reponsibility are welcome

  5. I am glad to see Sharpton say that. Now it is part of the record that Obama is a socialist and the blacks, to the degree Sharpton "represents" them, in the USA are all in for the socialism, as a form of "reparation"

  6. Al Sharpton has never been to sharp…the Majority of the people do not want this government take over of our health care.

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