Australian Communists Back Wikileaks

A leading Australian Communist Party has come out in defense of Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange.

The Socialist Alliance has issued a statement in support of Wikileaks, while the organization’s newspaper Green Left Weekly has devoted a cover story to Assange and his project.

The Socialist Alliance’s statement is printed on the website of the S.A’s other publication LINKS “a journal of international socialist renewal”.

“The Australian government should defend and support Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange and their efforts to expose the lies, duplicities and outright crimes of the US government and its allies”, said Peter Boyle, national convener of the Socialist Alliance on December 7.

“We condemn the Australian government for collaborating with the US government in hunting Julian Assange down. The exposure of classified US government cables and other material by Wikileaks is an enormous plus for all those who are fighting for truth and democracy, and against war and exploitation. Wikileaks and Assange deserve our strongest support.

“The Wikileaks exposures are not a threat to life and safety. Rather, the forces that want to silence Wikileaks are the most deadly threat to human lives, as Wikileaks releases of US documents on the bloodbaths in Iraq and Afghanistan so dramatically show.

‘The Labor government must immediately guarantee that it will extend to Assange the basic rights of any other Australian citizen… It must also offer no assistance at all to the brutal US campaign to close Wikileaks and silence Assange.’

“The Australian Labor government must immediately guarantee that it will extend to Assange the basic rights of any other Australian citizen to return to Australia and get any consular support and assistance requested.

“It must also offer no assistance at all to the brutal US campaign to close Wikileaks and silence Assange.

“An Australian government acting in the interest of the people would do everything in its power to protect Assange from the grave threats that have been made to arrest or even assassinate him for what he has done.

“It would offer to help keep the Wikileaks websites up, in the face of mounting cyber attacks and denials of service and hosting. And it would refuse to cooperate with any attempts to have Assange detained and or extradited.”

A government for the people would also help maximise Wikileak’s exposure of the war criminals and immediately break the Australian-US military alliance”, Boyle said.

The Socialist Alliance is joining with other groups and individuals in a campaign of solidarity with Wikileaks, and to force Prime Minister Julia Gillard government to abide by its responisbilities to Julian Assange as an Australian citizen.

The Socialist Alliance, formerly known as the Democratic Socialist Party and Socialist Workers Party, is Australia’s largest Marxist-Leninist formation.

Strongly tied to both Cuba and Venezuela, the S.A. is also close to the Trotskyist Fourth International, some major Maoist parties in India and Nepal and some former and current “mainstream” communist parties.

Andre Brie, a leader of the former East German Communist Party serves on the LINKS
editorial advisory board.

LINKS contributing editors include;

Almost certainly some of these people, particularly the Cubans would have intelligence connections.

Is the Socialist Alliance merely jumping on an anti U.S. bandwagon, or are they trying to drive it, at the behest of some of their foreign friends?

Interestingly Julian Assange was active in radical circles in Melbourne as a teenager. Did he ever cross paths with Socialist Alliance (then Democratic Socialist Party) comrades at that time?

As Melbourne was a D.S.P. stronghold, it is certainly possible.

Is Julian Assange truly a lone wolf, or is he being used? Perhaps some clues could be found in Melbourne.


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5 thoughts on “Australian Communists Back Wikileaks

  1. His parents were members and acivits in the CPA(M-L) the MAosit group funded by the PLA and rejected by the CCP as well Assange has been previosuly associted with the London based Revolutuionary International movement known as the RIM a Maoist unbrella gorup associated with such groups as NCP in Phillapenes the Shoal Jawid in Afghanistan and teh Shimao Lumnusio in Peru

  2. Can anyone say Jack Ruby? This stooge will never reach his court date alive, unless he's holding even more devastating info in reserve as leverage. What difference does it make anyway? Another useful bolshevic idiot will gladly take his place.

  3. You're right Trev, looks like we here in Melbourne may become the centre of all this- unfortunately! Rest assured, those scumbag commies are an insignificant minority here- we just brought back our conservative Coalition party into government here in Victoria, after 11 years of wasteful pinko spending and lagging infrastructure, in part because our new Premier Ted Baillieu preferenced the socialist Greens last!

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