John C. Drew on Obama’s Marxism

Long interview with former student Marxist John C. Drew, on his meeting at Occidental College with fellow Marxist Barack Obama.

Very credible.


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6 thoughts on “John C. Drew on Obama’s Marxism

    1. This won’t play on my computer either.

      YouTube/Google has been blocking sourced interviews of credible witnesses for some time since David Brock’s meeting with them in Florida.

      For example:

      Larry Grathwohl’s interview about Bill Ayres has been removed as hate speech.

      “They hate them the greatest – those who speak the truth”
      ~ Plato

  1. Thank you for posting this. I've tried since 2008 to get out the story of Obama's early commitment to Marxist ideology. I'm grateful for your assistance.

  2. The most informative interview about "Barry" that I have ever listened to. Must listen for anyone who wants to learn more about him. I had not heard of Mohammed Hasan Chandoo before … very wealthy Pakistani friend of Mr. O's at university who was recently at the White House Ramadan dinner. FASCINATING!

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