Sneaky Harry Does the Republicans a Favor

Deepak Bhargava’s partner Harry Hanbury makes docos for ANP.

He recently shot this clip at a Republican National Committee meeting, which was to feature a special session to vote on a resolution to re-brand the Democratic Party as the “Democrat Socialist Party.”

Hanbury was obviously intending to mock the Republicans-but actually succeeded in giving me a little more confidence in the Party.

These guys actually do seem to have some idea of the Democrat’s destructive agenda.

Thanks Harry.


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13 thoughts on “Sneaky Harry Does the Republicans a Favor

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  2. I took a look at Harry's professional site, which liked to a video he shot for "Faith Vote". They are under the IAF umbrella.
    The IAF is working on the Alinsky/communist agenda through churches and schools. I'd love to see someone dig deeper into this organization.

  3. I was just watching this last night. I found out about Harry, and wanted to see his work. Always a pleasure to come to New Zeal.

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