Fox Hires Radical Commentator

I’m not one to criticize Fox News.

Without Fox we wouldn’t have Glenn Beck and his colleagues to shine on a light on the Obama administration.

But why has Fox hired ultra radical Marc Lamont Hill as a regular commentator?

Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media has the story here

Who would plaster his Twitter page with police mug shot photos of convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur? Fox News contributor Marc Lamont Hill did. At least until David Horowitz and Accuracy in Media took notice and wrote about it. Now the page features photos of boxing great Muhammad Ali. Hill’s MySpace page is also gone…

On December 6, 2006, when reports indicated that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro was sick, Fox News contributor Marc Lamont Hill declared on his blog that he was afraid the information might be true. “My fears about Fidel’s health are not only personal but political,” he wrote.

Back in February 2008, Hill wrote that he thought Barack Obama was too much of a moderate. “For many black people,” he wrote, “Obama’s success would provide symbolic value by showing that the black man (not woman!) can make it to the top. Although black faces in high places may provide psychological comfort, they are often incorporated into a Cosbyesque gospel of personal responsibility (‘Obama did it, so can you!’) that allows dangerous public policies to go unchallenged.”

Hill warned about “the triple threat of global racism, poverty, and militarism” and warned that Obama may not turn out to be “the revolutionary outsider that he’s portrayed to be.

What up Rupert? Why give space to this man?


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23 thoughts on “Fox Hires Radical Commentator

  1. I think he was hired to give viewers a good laugh! Seriously, with his rantings, he makes the left look even more stupid.

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  3. Gad Sir! Mr Loudon is right. All dissenting opinions must be muzzled, otherwise our freedom is threatened!

    (Back to the Turkish bath now)


    Sam Buchanan

  4. You mean those same UN peacekeepers that went to Darfur? THOSE peacekeepers…that couldn't establish peace because they couldn't actually manage to gain control?

    What does that tell ya?

  5. The old adage goes something like this, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And being able to show that they are showing both sides is a good thing. LOL!!

  6. Fox is going communist just like the other MSM. America is basically turning into a communist state – by the end of the year there will be no freedom left. The UN is poised to move in and disarm the people's militia then. The UN has tens of thousands of Cuban and Russian 'peacekeepers' ready to deploy. Thank God Trevor and other brave freedom fighters are still blogging – but how long will they be free? The gulags will soon be filling up.

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