"National Question" 28 Maori Marxism Moves "Mainstream"

While the SUP’s planned disruption of the 1990 Waitangi celebrations, failed to materialise, the Maori radical revolution rolled on.

By the early ‘1990s socialist concepts under the guise of Maori culture, bi -culturalism, self determination and “Tino Rangitiratanga“, permeated virtually every area of New Zealand life.

While in the ’70s and ’80s a few New Zealanders saw the links between our local Marxist-Leninists and Maori radicalism, by the early ’90s this key connection was virtually lost.

The more apparent than real “Collapse of Communism” in the Soviet Union, destroyed nearly all perception of a “communist threat” in New Zealand. Thanks to a gutless government, hamstrung security services and an incompetent media, New Zealanders had virtually no appreciation of Marxist-Leninist power and influence.

While still one of the most potent socio/political forces in the country, most people, after 1990, thought “communism” was nothing but a bad memory.

The public, though acutely aware of Maori radicalism, had little appreciation of it’s socialist underpinning.

So while people rejoiced at the “fall” of the Soviet Empire, it’s illegitimate offspring, the Maori self-determination movement made steady gains.

The Marxist-Leninist influenced and infiltrated Labour Government of 1984/90 had armed the “radicals” with huge sums of taxpayers money. Now instead of banners and megaphones Maori Marxists had huge slush funds from Maori Access and Labour Department schemes, legal aid to press land claims, subsidised Kohanga Reo “brainwashing” schools, and a whole network of taxpayer funded newspapers and radio stations.

In addition, probably as part of it’s deal with the SUP for union support in the 1984 election, Labour allowed many Marxist-Leninists, socialists and Maori radicals to assume policy making positions in government departments, QUANGOS and the like. These people enthusiastically pushed Labour’s “bi-cultural” policies so that by the early ’90s virtually every arm of the state was implementing “National Question” policies.

When the National Party came to power in 1990 it inherited a socialist bureaucracy, committed to Marxist-Leninist Maori policies and a Maori population greedy for millions in handouts via the Waitangi Tribunal.

Rather than take the hard road and abandon these suicidal programmes, National took the soft option and continued and even extended them. Just as it it did with that other SUP inspired fraud, the “anti-Nuclear Stand“, National made a virtue of what it mistakenly saw as necessity and adopted virtually all of the socialist agenda.

By a process of artificial osmosis, a long campaign of infiltration, indoctrination, propaganda, secret deals, bluff and threats, Maori socialism was now “mainstream.” Communist Party “National Question” policy from the ’30s had become National Party policy of the ’90s.


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