Rooting for Revolution

 When it comes to violent and radical rhetoric, the left leaves the right for dead – am I allowed to use that word?

From The Blaze


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2 thoughts on “Rooting for Revolution

  1. Do you hear the excitement in the woman's voice as she talks about 100,000 rioters in Europe and demanding we do the same?

    What a great opportunity for Marxism. You cannot coerce people to Marxism when they have everything in life. You MUST first convince them they are poor and that the rich took all their money. That is the ONLY purpose of talking about the income disparity. If the Marxists fail to capitalize on this "crisis" they may not get another opprotunity. It's not going well so the "crisis" must be extended. Watch as the Democrats in congress and the president do everything they can to extend this "crisis". Never let a crisis go to waste.

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