Blog Holiday

Due to overseas travel and other commitments, there will be no blogging-barring emergencies-until the second week in November.

Thanks for reading.

Please come back in November.

I have diabled comments to prevent spam, but I can still be reached on

Best wishes

Trevor L


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2 thoughts on “Blog Holiday

  1. Hi Trevor

    I am a recent reader of your blog, and just want you to know how thankful I am that you are doing this blog. I am desperate to know the truth about our political players, and here in America our news is anything but truthful. I am deeply disturbed that it takes someone like yourself researching from across the globe to let me know what is really going on here, and who all these people really are.

    As a citizen who lives under all these influences, THANK YOU for shining a light!!!!!

  2. Dear Trevor,
    I believe that the 44th president is both a fool and a liar. He has claimed that he sat in that church but did not notice Jeremiah wright ranting about his marxist beliefs! Impossible I say . The man was a racist ( and still is) But he passed his ideas onto Barrack Obama and now that he is in office he is going to use those ideas to cause so much disaray that it will take years to sort the system out!

    Colton M

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