Obama’s Former Pastor, Reverend Wright is a Marxist-What Does That Make the President?

I found this while in the US.

It was released through Accuracy in Media.

The original has been taken down, but it is now available on Youtube.

The tapes show Reverend Jeremiah Wright, speaking at the 60th anniversary of the Marxist journal US Guardian on September 17 2009.

Tedious and mean spirited, but very revealing.

Note that Wright talks about Marxism, socialism, “liberation theology” and his links to Cuba, El Salvador’s Marxist FLMN rebels, Qadaffi’s Libya and Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan.

Barack Obama sat in this man’s church for 20 years and claims he didn’t notice Wright’s radical Marxism.

Either the 44th President of the United States is a fool or he is a liar.

Which is it?


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18 thoughts on “Obama’s Former Pastor, Reverend Wright is a Marxist-What Does That Make the President?

  1. Hello Trevor:

    Welcome Back!

    You need an expose' on the connection of Reverend Wright to the Gamaliel Foundation.

    My recent blog relating to this:


    Obama tied to Gamaliel, Rev. Wright tied to Gamaliel…..and so on and so on

  2. It's a right royal mess you've come back to isn't it Trevor ?

    Rodney Hide…..that "perkbusting" man of impeccable principle….. hahaha !

    The gamekeeper turned out to be an excellent poacher…..and a silly old man to boot !

    He'll never live it down….. "Hypocrite Hide".

    Choice about the healthcare vote !

  3. Welcome back Trevor, Tell me if I'm wrong here, but wasn't "Reverend" Wrights "Church" THE church to belong if you were an up and coming Marxist in Chicago? Obama in his own words said in College he sought out Marxist Professors, so why wouldn't he seek out a Marxist "Pastor?"

  4. Good to see you posting again, Trevor. I hope your trip here to the US was productive.

    A good many of us knew early on and tried desperately to sound the alarm B4 the election…..but that is some powerful koolaid his supporters have drunk.

    I am somewhat amused by the teachings of black liberation theology…you'd think the 'reverend', rather than being a wealthy man, had just come from the cotton fields. :-/

  5. Exactly Texmom. Joined that specific church as a means to an end. More I research about PINO Barry (pres-in-name-only), more I think he was groomed by the communist party (masquarading as dems these days)… They have "their chance" now for the take over – and boy are they pushing that old commie/marxist agenda, ain't they! (because its been so successful around the world?)…

    I'm still reallly wondering what is on that million dollar hidden-at-all-costs birth certificate (if there is one at all)… who was the real poppa? Frank Davis Marshall? Malcolm X? Just an adopted bambino from Indonesia? Lots of theories, will the truth ever be known?

    All of PINO's history is a story (mostly penned by mentor Ayers of course)… But this story, kids, is forcasting to not have much of a happy ending for g-d d**n Americans per ol' PINO's marxist reverend friend.

    I'm lucky to be in NZ now, but feel quite frightened for my friends, family in the USA who look at me like deer in headlights when I try to talk to them about all this… god help them

  6. Hope America treated you well Trevor, I wish we had seen you on Fox News…watched you on
    c-span. Remember folks, not all Americans voted uh uhbama into office, there was a definate push from some radicals that helped the process. Some conservatives helped too by not voting Against Obama. Some have seen the light, however there are alot of Americans that just don't understand. There is alot of work to be done to save the USA. Please Help.

  7. http://foundationcenter.org/pnd/rfp/rfp_item.jhtml?id=272700027
    This is great, give Muslims money to teach them non-profit skills to fund raise for Jihad. Is anyone gonna be watching?

    When Obama came on the scene, I was open minded, however, as soon as the Rev. Wright videos came out and Obama downplayed the deal, that was all it took for me to see through his sorry arse. Sadly, just as in the Ft Hood shootings, all the signs, symptoms, and red flags were there. America couldn't, wouldn't think for themselves, they didn't want to see through B.S. Hope and Change had such a nice ring to it. Hope used to be one of my favorite words, not so much now. America voted and got exactly what they deserved. Such a shame they got suckered.

    I used to joke I was going to move to New Zealand to get away from the madness, after seeing your video about China and Russia moving in, will there be anywhere on this planet to go? You are so right, America falls, the world falls.
    It's a very scary thought.

  8. Lisa, indeed Obama did start going to Wright's church for street cred. He was advised that he would get a lot further with his community organizing if he was part of the black church community.

  9. Welcome back Trevor. I hope you enjoyed your recent trip to the USA. Hopefully you will will regale us with your exploits.

    I've said it before, it is 1938 all over again.

  10. Good you made it back Trevor! I am not sure O-bam is a *fool, but he is definitely a liar. We have the many lies on video!! 🙂

    Joe Wilson called him out on the lying bit publicly which really resonated with Americans (and still does).

    *He is probably actually just too dumb to know he appears foolish.

    Did you see the 4 minute video with his reaction to the Fort Hood shootings? Rather than immediately commenting about this tragedy, he shouts out to someone and just reads what he has been given. Cold uncaring fish.

    He is just an actor on a stage – installed as POTUS by "someone".

    Americans are NOW trying to see behind the curtain, though. Someone else is pulling the strings (Soros? Bilderberg? Other?).

    He is definitely an empty suit and was probably attending the Marxist church to give him black street 'cred' in Chicago.

    I'm not even sure he's really 'black' (could be Indonesian?), but he wants to appear black and ride that wave.

    Anyway, sorry for getting off on a tangent! Good you're back…

    Cheers LisaGinNZ (American gal originally from Chicago living in Auckland)

  11. Obama is a 'MUSLIM' and most American's believe this now. What President would say: "We will never be at war with ISLAM".. Only a Muslim!! Obama and his 'Chicago Thugs' are leading the USA to socialism, facsism or whatever 'ism' applies. Luckily, Americans are WAKING UP to his lies, deceipt & deceptive tactics.. We're fighting back!! Town Hall Meetings, Tea Party Activists ARE making a difference… We'll vote out all the 'Liberals' in 2010 & 2012 …

  12. Obama is both a fool and a Liar. Every since he's been in office Obama has been lying to us. As far as being a fool, what other president of the United Stated would travel around the world apologizing for bailing out so many countries from opression. In europe alone, there are hundreds of thousands of americans who were laid to rest in foreign graves. Men and women who were there to fight against the socialist Nazi party of Hitler. Many more who died fighting the imperial armies of Japan. Obama sees America's good deeds as somehow evil. But then thats how a socialist sees America. Obama claimed he never heard the Reverand Wright say anything derogatory against americans. As Joe Wilson said not long ago, Obama you lie. As for the Rev. Wright, all I can say is God Bless America, and God Damn Obama and his socialist democratic party.


  13. Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly did cover this video. Many of us know who and what our President is. Only God can save us. We are in big trouble.

    flyover…welcome back Trevor. Hope the USA was good to you.

  14. Sir, is your parting comment actually, "Is he a poverty stricken politician or is he a politician"? In the US there are very few non-rich politicians, if not in office, certainly afterwards. In the US, it would seem, "money is the root of al government".

  15. American living in New Zealand here — yes, it does show clearly what Obama is, as does the many others he surrounds himself with. But Americans think they can make a deal with the devil to get what they want, and not have to pay the price. They do not take history seriously.

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