Alleged "Terrorist" Nuts Off About Kiwi Troops in Afghanistan

Here’s four individuals from Peace Action Wellington disrupting Associate Minister of Defence Heather Roy during a very recent consultation meeting over the new defence policy in Upper Hutt.

Two of the four are members of the Marxist-Leninist Workers Party of NZ.

The most vocal is NZ born, US raised anarchist Val Morse.

At least she kept her clothes on this time.

Val right, sunglasses

Val has a bit of cheek (no pun intended) going on about NZ troops in Afghanistan, while she still awaits trial for her alleged role in Tame Iti’s alleged terrorist training camps in the Ureweras.


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17 thoughts on “Alleged "Terrorist" Nuts Off About Kiwi Troops in Afghanistan

  1. Its comments like that last one that reminds me that taking paint stripper to your third eye will cause you to write dribble like that.

  2. hey trev, i think i just found a new connection here – you know how Val is "US raised", well, Obama is the US president!!! get it?!? that means that maybe the Zapatistas are responsible for the failed NATO defence system across eastern Europe, you reckon?

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