Statement issued by the Egyptian Communist Party, February 2, 2011

The hour of truth is near and the decisive moment has arrived when the Egyptian people pronounce their final word asserting the need to bring down Mubarak and change his regime. It seems that the life of the regime of tyranny (..) especially that its American  masters have taken their hands off in the wake of the continuing revolution of the people and its escalation everywhere in Egypt.

The millions of people who have come out today to demand the departure of Mubarak will ensure the defeat of all the conspiracies of the dictator and his gang who aim to thwart the revolution and to circumvent it.

The agreement to form a committee that enjoys the confidence of the people and the demonstrators is a critical issue for achieving the political, economic and social demands of the revolution. And we stress the basic demands approved by the patriotic forces represented in the people’s parliament:

1 – The removal of Mubarak and the formation of a presidential council for a transitional period of specified duration.

2 – The formation of a coalition government that assumes the management of the country during the transitional period.

3 – To call for the formation of an elected constituent assembly to draft a new constitution for the country, based on the principle of the sovereignty of the nation and ensuring the devolution of power within the framework of a just democratic civil state.

4 – To prosecute those responsible for hundreds killed and injured among the martyrs of the Revolution and victims of security oppression, as well as prosecuting those responsible for plundering the wealth of the Egyptian people.

Long live the revolution of the Egyptian people

Yep, this is a “democratic” revolution folks. Nothing to see here. Move along.


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  1. Meanwhile, back here in Texas, the enemy within is hard at work. The text of the proposed new "mandatory" language course follows:

    What is the Arabic Foreign Language Assistance Program grant about?
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    Why Arabic?
    The Arabic language is listed by the federal government as a “critical language.” This means that our country has a shortage of Arabic speakers and in order to maintain a presence in the Middle East, we need people who not only are proficient in the Arabic language, but also possess knowledge about Arabic cultures and traditions. We are given a unique opportunity to provide students the opportunity to learn Arabic so they can pursue careers in diplomacy and international business.
    Why Cross Timbers?
    Cross Timbers Intermediate School has the highest percentage of native Arabic speakers in the district. The cultural knowledge that our Arabic students possess will be of great assistance to the development of this program.
    What does the 100 minutes per week look like?
    Students will receive an average of 20 minutes per day of Arabic language and culture through social studies classes, advisory once a week and intermittently in electives such as technology applications, art and P.E. This grant provides for 100 minutes each week out of 1875 total instructional minutes. They will also have access to Arabic literature in Language Arts, as well as having opportunities for language acquisition through the use of Rosetta Stone and iPod Touches before and after school as well as during the school day.
    Can we still cover all of the required social studies TEKS while providing this Arabic instruction?
    Yes, the curriculum will meet all state requirements for social studies TEKS in both 5th and 6th grade.
    Will every student be studying Arabic?
    Every student will have the opportunity to participate in the program.
    What will this program look like across the district?
    This grant provides a sequential foreign language program from elementary through secondary levels, starting with the fundamentals at Davis Elementary. This year, Arabic culture and language introduction will occur in 5th and 6th grade at CTIS. Next year and in future years, students will be given the opportunity to take Arabic exploration in 7th grade and Arabic I in 8th grade for high school credit at TA Howard MS. In addition, students may continue their Arabic studies at the high school level to meet their foreign language requirement.
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    • This grant allows for us to develop a partnership with the University of Texas at Austin

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