Police Search Charles Wardle’s Home

The police have executed a search warrant on the Auckland home of former Islamic radical Charles Wardle.

Charles is no threat these days-he’s one of the good guys now-but a few years ago he could have been a problem.

Charles wants to build bridges between Kiwis and our moderate Islamic fellow countrymen.

Only that way, according to Charles, can the militant strand of Islam in this country be neutralized.


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2 thoughts on “Police Search Charles Wardle’s Home

  1. If Charles changed his name to Yassir Arafat and had a fondness for little Romanian boys Phil Goff would have given him a million dollars and posed for photos with him.
    Maybe Charles has broken some rule about apostacy and the NZ Police are showing the Moslem world they are doing their duty, as any good dhimmi nation would do.
    Asaalum aleikum habibie.

  2. How bizarre, maybe he should have changed his name to Ahmed Zauoi, they would have rolled out the red carpet for him at the very least.
    Australia does not know what they are letting themselves in for with this common border lark ,Rudd and Key are kicking off.
    We are being governed by fools,dimwits and liars.

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