"Jihad Was Beautiful to Me"

A fascinating must watch video from New Zealander Charles Wardle-an ex radical Islamist turned atheist.

I have talked to this guy-he seems completely genuine to me.

From Indymedia

New Zealander, Charles Wardle, taveled to Pakistan in 2001 where he converted from being an agnostic Kiwi to radical Islamist. He was with Lashkar Taiba in Pakistan and was in Iraq with Ansar al-Islam during the 2003 US invasion. He lived in Saudi Arabia for about a year in total at different periods. He recieved a scholarship from al-Haramain representatives in New Zealand to study Islam and Arabic in Cairo. He published details of a former(?) militant from the UK on his website. Charles made statements to the effect that Willie Brigitte, deported from Australia and currently serving 9 years in France, made false statements during his trail concerning others present with himself and Charles during their time with Lashkar Taiba in Pakistan. Charles provided details of these American militants on his website. Charles has made his story public through youtube and has included an account of how he converted to Islam.

For more info go to Charles’ website here


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