More From Kiwi Ex Radical Islamist Charles Wardle

The main stream media should be all over this guy.

Influenced by reading Robert Fisk, Charles becomes sympathetic to “oppressed” Muslim communities and being an idealist, wants to help.

He goes to Pakistan in 2001 to offer his services to the cause. Told only a Muslim can serve “Jihad” Charles converts and studies Islam in several countries.

He undergoes training in Jihad simultaneously and serves the cause in several countries-undergoing some pretty scary moments on the way.

Charles serves with several Western born Jihadis-some who now dead or jailed. Some still active.

Charles eventually comes back to New Zealand and is involved in the Islamic community here.

A university science education sows doubts in his mind and Charles leaves Islam.

He wants to build bridges between “mainstream” NZ and moderate Muslims in this country. He understands New Zealand has its own Islamic extremist movement that could cause some major problems.

Charles wants to avert disaster for both his fellow new Zealanders and the local Islamic community whom he still very much admires. He is taking some risk in attempting to do so.

Is this guy unique or what?

Does his story need to reach a wider audience?


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3 thoughts on “More From Kiwi Ex Radical Islamist Charles Wardle

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  2. Of course this guys story needs to go mainstream ,but it won`t.Can you imagine Cameron Bennett and all those other apologists wanting an audience to wake up and realise NZ is not a benign strategic environment.The fairytales so carefully woven by all those who should know better will be undone.
    Heavens above, what would happen?
    The other aspect is ,the question might get asked ,just what do our security services do all day if they did not notice this guy going off to do his Moslem duty by waging Jihad.
    Besides all this ,imagine the damage exposing this would do to the NZ interfaith nonsense.NZ govt and media have all been expert in their ability to define the terrorist threat away.
    Think of the harm exposing all this will do to NZ trade relations with the Islamic world, we slaughter all of our export meat n ow according to strict Islamic Law, and we have the Maori King popping in on the dictators of the Islamic world and all the backslapping and fawning to go with it.
    NZers are not ready for truth to be told about how we conduct ourselves on the world stage, and our role in enabling the vilest regimes on earth.
    Friendship farms in N Korea spring to mind, or the NZ air force helping out in Indonesia after the tsunami and being thrown out because of them ferrying terrorist groups around instead of real refugees.There is also that other big bogey no-one wants to know about and that is the cultural connection between Maoridom and its aims and agenda and the ambitions of a resurgent radical Islam in the world.This can be left for another occasion ,when more time is available or the subject comes up.

    Great work Trevor, as usual.
    Many thanks from the heart of a serf.

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