Chinese Govt. Clamp Down on Obama Merchandise

A story from November 2009 that you may not have seen yet.

“With President Obama scheduled to visit Beijing on Monday, city authorities have banned souvenir vendors from selling a popular t-shirt depicting the president as a Mao-era red guard,” reports Foreign Policy.

“The T-shirts have Obama’s image in a Red Guard uniform. Since he was elected the US president last year, the T-shirt has had a ready market. According to some business owners, they got calls last week from Beijing Municipal Government demanding them to stop the sale of this kind of T-shirt immediately. And inspection officers even came to stores to make sure the T-shirts are off the shelf. Business owners have been notified that after Obama ends his visit to China, they can resume the sale.” – China Digital Times

More photos here, and the original story at China Digital times is here.


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3 thoughts on “Chinese Govt. Clamp Down on Obama Merchandise

  1. You're right Trevor, I hadn't seen this story before, but I can easily understand why the Chinese market those and also why Americans haven't heard of this much.

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